Giuseppe Motta: Performaxe - Electric Guitar Leg Rest

Giuseppe Motta plays an original song using his beloved Performaxe. Get yours at ­čö┤ ABOUT PERFORMAXE: ▶️ END DISCOMFORT WHEN PRACTICING AND SEE PERFORMANCE GAINS IMMEDIATELY ♦️DEFEAT FATIGUE ♦️IMPROVE ERGONOMICS Release tension from your wrist You can play with your back straight and reach all the frets with relaxed wrists, without bearing straps or footstools. More pleasant and more effective practice Your body won’t need a break every 15 minutes. You’ll focus for longer and practice more effectively. Better standing performances Many guitarists even practice upright to avoid disorientation when playing live, but with Performaxe you’ll feel the difference between sitting and standing positions far less. No more difficult guitars Think of that guitar you rarely play because it’s not that comfortable. Maybe it’s a Les Paul but you are used to Strats. You can have all your oddly-shaped guitars in the same position as your regular ones—yes, even a Flying V! Five seconds setup Just lay it under your guitar and tighten it with the knob. Within five seconds, it’ll be as though your guitar had changed it’s shape into a more comfortable one. 100% Made in Italy Performaxe has an elegant-looking all-aluminum design, but it’s sturdy like a rack case. You could literally throw it from a third-floor balcony and it would still work fine. After all, it’s a tool you’ll rely on for years, I wouldn’t waste your time with some plastic junk with suction cups. Ultra reliable and safe No staggering, no annoying detachments, and no risk of scratching the guitar: it will only be in contact with a thick layer of high-performance and ultra-durable technical rubber. No modifications to the instruments are required, Performaxe does not leave any mark. WWW.PERFORMAXE.COM Performaxe - Electric Guitar Leg Rest - Demo with Giuseppe Motta Jay