Marina Krupkina: Oberon's Obi

Here is one more musical video supporting my 2nd album "Decacorde Stories". I've recorded this video in a playthrough format.
"Oberon's Obi" for me is one of the most experimental pieces from the album. My idea was to make a coctail of slap, classical guitar technique and interesting music on my 10 string guitar. The middle part is played on harmonics only, both melody and harmony.
My tuning here is: Eb A Gb Dd A Gd Db Cb Ab Gb

P.S. That is the exact reason of using tabs. With variable tunings it's most comfortable.
P.P.S. If you ask me why I shoot on video Kimchi the cat this time, I'll tell you that I don't have a variety of location choices on isolation. So Kimchi the cat provides the easiest way to make the video looking more pretty. And to tell the truth it was his own idea to participate.

The full "Decacorde Stories" album is available on all music platforms, here is the link:

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Marina Krupkina - Oberon's Obi ("Decacorde Stories" album, slap song on 10 string guitar)