Sarah Lipstate: Noveller EarthQuaker Devices

If you've ever thought Afterneath would be great for making film scores, you were right! Sarah Lipstate shows us how to construct a simple yet super deep soundscape with just a few tools. Yes, one of those tools is a Gizmotron. You have those installed on all your guitars don't you?

Afterneath Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator is a reverb algorithm built from an adjustable cluster of short delays. You can create an immersive experience with CV or EXP control over the Drag parameter and 9 unique modes of user-selectable sweep. Enjoy Flexi-Switching, optional tails, and a lifetime warranty.

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Video: Vice Cooler
DP: Dalton Blanco
shot at CEN Productions

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Afterneath First Impression: Sarah Lipstate (Noveller) | EarthQuaker Devices