John Erickson: Whoopgnash Ultra-Rare Jazz Rock

Whoopgnash discography:

Good luck finding their CDs! Whoopgnash no longer has any active website, sad to say. Most likely the band has dissolved. It's hard to make a living playing jazz rock fusion.

Whoopgnash CD and DVD reviews:

and at

Band members in this movie:
John Erickson - Guitar
Bill Paul - Drums

Jeff Jarrard - Bass

If you like Allan Holdsworth by all means find their music somehow.

Beforewarned: this is not your typical jazz rock video. Enjoy!

If you are the owner/performer/producer of this material and object to this video being on YouTube, please contact me and I will quickly remove it. It is only uploaded here to promote the musicians and their art. Thanks.
Whoopgnash Ultra-Rare Jazz Rock like Allan Holdsworth Live in Studio 2004#


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