Igor Paspalj: Speed Picking Etude (Beginner Level)

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Here's a beginner level solo etude designed to show off the four main facets of speed picking. Economy picking, alternate picking, hybrid picking and sweep picking. Taken from Igor Paspalj's Speed Picking Masterclass.

Also available as an Online Course with one to one feedback.
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Embrace your inner speed demon and ramp up your picking as Igor Paspalj divulges the vital lessons and exercises to upgrade your shredding abilities. With Igor’s in-depth beginner Masterclass, you’ll learn the kind of masterful efficiency that with practice and time will lead to killer picking speeds.

• Masterclass Study Guide PDF
• Introduction Video
• ​2 Lesson Videos
• Solo Etude Performance Video
• Solo Etude Performance Audio File
• 32 Exercise Video Files
• 32 Exercise Audio Files
• 16 Lick Videos (Fast/Slow)
• 16 Lick Audio Files (Fast/Slow)​
• 16 Lick Backings
• 16 Slow Backings​
• Solo Backing Track
• Full Tab/Notation

Igor Paspalj - Speed Picking Etude (Beginner Level)