Brian Maillard: Solo = Practice

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Brian Maillard lays down a solo to show some of the ideas covered in his "Practice Your Technique Masterclass: Beginner". A first step into the concept of mastering your practice so you can become a better player.
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Set yourself on the efficient path to becoming a better guitarist by choosing Brian Maillard’s “Practice Your Technique Masterclass”. Focussing on the essential soloing techniques needed to confidently solo, your practice sessions will bring greater value, resulting in more speed, precision and freedom.

The pros know how to practice, and in this Masterclass, Brian shows you a huge range of exercises that cover a mass of ideas. You’ll cover synchronisation, finger rolls and bends which are key when moving around the fretboard and choosing the right phrase at the right time. You’ll also work through diatonic sequences, the pentatonic and minor natural scale, as well a look at C Ionian and A Aeolian.

Through the swathe of exercises at your disposal, you’ll work on these techniques and concepts, internalising them so that when you go to create your own lines, you’ll be able to do so without hesitation

Includes 67 exercises (plus 20 slow), 10 fast and slow licks, full solo, fast and slow lick and solo backings, four additional backings, Masterclass PDF and full tab/notation.

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Brian Maillard - Solo = Practice