Tramaine Jonathan: tribute to MAB - No Boundaries

Had a lot of fun revisiting this track, I first learnt this track in full after maybe a year of studying it, when I was 14 years old. At that time, when I had only been playing a few years, this was the track I always aspired to learn properly, up to speed and crystal clear at some point in my life.

I also remember certain parts of the song I would spend hours on, as a young teenager, becoming frustrated everyday, that I couldn't play it like MAB. Filming this video revealed to me what at the time I never thought was possible, that those frustrations and moments where I thought I would never pick fast, be able to navigate through certain scales as I please, have now become my strengths - and yet again proven to me that only time, patience and consistency stand in the way of your goals, and those things we all have, of course some more than others.

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MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - No Boundaries - Cover by Tramaine Jonathan @Ibanez Guitar @Seymour Duncan