Leo Diensthuber: DIVINE REALM - Kaleidoscope Mind

Official Guitar Playthrough for the 2020 Single "Kaleidoscope Mind" by Divine Realm. (TABS COMING SOON!) .

Music/Lyrics composed by: Leo Diensthuber
Recorded/Engineered/Produced/Mastered by: Leo Diensthuber
Video by: Leo Diensthuber
Album Art + Video Intro by: Evan Buchanan (https://www.instagram.com/artofevanbu...)
Huge thanks to these amazing companies that support Divine Realm:
Ernie Ball Music Man, Horizon Devices, DR Strings, Rocktron, Joey Sturgis Tones, Neural DSP and GetGoodDrums.
***Special thanks to J. Michael Taylor and Mitch Spicer for gear/support***

Listen/Download the track on these digital streaming services:

Bandcamp: https://divinerealm.bandcamp.com/

DIVINE REALM - Kaleidoscope Mind (Official Guitar Playthrough) Progressive Metal