Alex Hutchings: six hours of reaction to get to the November JTC competition :D

So...... Something a bit different, a 6 Hour reaction Video.. 🤣🤣 Watching 200 guitarists around the world to compete for a chance to win an Ibanez guitar. It was wonderful to see so many people having fun and fascinating seeing how they all approach the same thing differently. The winner will be announced at the end of the video including an honorable mention list too.
What a rollercoaster, not only spending so long on this but with Facebook crashing on me, my laptop being pushed to the limit and almost dying, my cats joining in, lots and lots of coffee, a cheeky whiskey or 2 and coming to a conclusion... Pheeeww. What a ride. ;-)

0:00 - Intro 1:42 - Nov 1 entry 2:50 - First FB Crash 3:00 - NOV 30th 7:00 - What I’m looking for 1:10:10 - November 24th 1:52:52 - NOVEMBER 19th 2:12:31 - Milo the cat pops in 2:57:00 - November 12th 4:06:50 - November 6th 4:48:07 - November 2nd 4:58:50 - Another FB CRASH 5:11:24 - Youtube and insta entries 5:47:56 - Last minute entries 6:03:55 - honourable mention explanation 6:05:58 - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

I watch 200 guitar solos - #JOTM WINNER November 2020