Sylvya Boschiero: Skid Row - Monkey Business Instrumental | Positive Grid Spark Amp Demo

Lari Basílio: 💜 Acoustic, it's been a while...

Paul Gilbert: Racer X - New Song - "i Think I Love You" - Support Juan Alderete

Magda Azzilonna: my progressive rock guitar solo with Stefano Angiulli

Marina Krupkina: Time ("Decacorde Stories" album)

Oli Herbert: Posthumous release - Lost Symphony - featuring Jeff Loomis, Ron Thal, Russ Parrish, Ethan Brosh and more

Virgil Donati, Andre Nieri: The Crack - Andre Nieri - insane soloing

Piotrek Wójcicki: Quarantine Jam 7

Alex Hutchings: Boss SY-1000 - Alternate Tunings and Modelled Guitars

Juan Dhas: Quarantine Experiment Experiments

Jared James Nichols, Emily Wolfe: Rip It Up at Epiphone at NAMM 2020

Bailey Ehrgott: Kenny Burrell's solo on "Light Blue" and more