Paul Gilbert: Racer X - New Song - "i Think I Love You" - Support Juan Alderete

Support Juan Alderete.

Juan Alderete background:

To bring attention to Juan Alderete's journey to recovery, we decided to release a never-before-heard RACER X studio track. The song, "I Think I Love You," was recorded during the "Technical Difficulties" sessions in 1999. Recently we added some finishing touches to give the song maximum rock power. We think you'll like it. So please enjoy these new sounds from RACER X, and give your support to Juan's recovery.

The following people have donated their time and talent to this project to support Juan Alderete.

Jeff Martin: Lead Vocals
Paul Gilbert: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Scott Travis: Drums

Recorded by Tom Size
Mixed by Andy Sneap
Studio Photos by William Hames

Animation: Fantoons Animation Studios
Concept Art: Nahomi Cabrera, George Mattus & Alberto Belandria
Compositing & Animation: George Mattus
Video Editing: John Melrouse
Art & Animation Direction: David Calcano
Video Production: Yannine Poleo & Linda Otero

RACER X - NEW SONG - "I Think I Love You" - Support Juan Alderete