Virgil Donati, Andre Nieri: The Crack - Andre Nieri - insane soloing

Virgil Donati
Ruination (CD & Digital Booklet)
Blurring the boundaries between fusion and progressive, instrumental and vocal.

Virgil’s most recent touring band is featured on this record - Andre Nieri guitar, Junior Braguinha bass, Chris Clark keys, along with many special guests, including Anton Davidyants and Evan Marien on bass, Julian Lage, Marco Sfogli, Carl Mörner Ringström, and Matteo Mancuso on guitar, Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth), Alex Argento, Joe Chindamo (Loose Change) on keys, and vocalist/guitarist Irwin Thomas, aka Jack Jones (Southern Sons)

Music from 'Ruination', Virgil Donati's latest album.
Featuring Anton Davidyants bass, Christopher Clark keyboards
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The Crack - Andre Nieri Guitar Play Through

Andre Nieri - The Crack (Solo Playthrough)