Lalle Larsson: Seven Deadly Pieces - Live in Concert (2002) Full Album

"Seven Deadly Pieces is a piece for chamber orchestra and electric guitars. Written in 1997 and premiered at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden October 6, 2002. The music has been described as a blend of contemporary classical, thrash metal and modern jazz. The concert was released on DVD in 2008.
Seven Deadly Pieces - Live in Concert - is the audio from the concert remastered and edited in 2021. Now, for the first time in 20 years, you can listen to the whole piece online.

1. Prologue 0:00​
2. Superbia 02:00​
3. Avaritia. 09:12​
4. Luxuria 16:25​
5. Invidia 25:30​
6. Gula 27:33​
7. Ira 31:28​
8. Acedia. 37:52​
9. Epilogue 42:20​

Lalle Larsson - acoustic piano, synthesizer
Niklas Fredin - trumpet & flugelhorn
Johan Bridger - marimba, vibraphone
Thomas Widlund - marimba, vibraphone
Malin Pettersson - flute
Paul Slawic - violin (1st)
Kristina Gustavsson - violin (2nd)
Anna Karin Holm - viola
Marit Sjödin - cello
Christofer Malmström - electric guitar
Stefan Rosqvist - electric guitar
Jan Karlsson - acoustic & electric bass
Peter Wildoer - drums & percussion
Daniel Pålsson - percussion
Jonas Holmberg - percussion

Recorded live at the Henry Dunker Culture Center, Helsingborg, Sweden October 6, 2002.
Recording engineers: Andreas Ejnarsson and Christian Odeholm.
Mixing/sound editing: Andreas Ejnarsson
Remastering/editing: Lalle Larsson 2021

All music composed and conducted by Lalle Larsson
Artwork by Jakob Tuchten

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Lalle Larsson - Seven Deadly Pieces - Live in Concert (2002) Full Album