Alex Hutchings: Controlling the Roland MC-707 via Patch midi BOSS MS-3

Hey Guys here's an improved Audio version of yesterdays upload.
Here's a sneak peak at something I've been playing around with recently. I've had loads of fun with the MC-707 Groove box and new update, as well as creating loads of cool tones on the BOSS MS-3.
This is a live performance. I have prewritten the Grooves on the MC-707 all with internal sounds and everything else you hear is coming from the MS-3.
For those of you interested, I'll be sharing some more in depth videos explaining just whats going on and how to use a groove box each Wednesday this month.
I'll be covering Patch Midi integration, Guitar Synth integration and how you can create some really hip sounding jams on this wicked machine. I'll also be covering the scene chain feature, and new song/bank mode.
Also this month, each Monday I'll be sharing lots of amp settings for classic bands and artists, plus I'll be uploading some more jams from the guitar gods series and putting together the last episode.
Wishing everyone a great weekend and all the best. πŸ‘πŸŽΈπŸ™

Controlling the Roland MC-707 via Patch midi BOSS MS-3