Ben Eunson: Diminished Scale Improvised Etude #1 + Jay Graydon interview

A quick improvised solo using only the Half/Whole Diminished Scale over a 12 Bar Blues-based form. Played on my Frank Brothers Guitar, with Seymour Duncan Pickups.

Diminished Scale Improvised Etude #1 | Ben Eunson
My interview with the legendary Jay Graydon. Check out The Famous "E" Electric Piano, developed by Jay, George Mamalakis & Greg Schlaepfer:
Special thanks to Urs Wiesendanger
01:24 1. Early Years: Ted Greene, Dean Parks + Tommy Tedesco
13:54 2. Session Days: Early Sessions, Airplay + Becoming a Producer
21:35 3. Signature Sounds: The “E” Electric Piano
34:24 4. Jay’s “Wire Choir”
37:27 5. Producing vs. Playing
41:30 6. Al Jarreau: This Time, Breakin’ Away + working with Jeff Porcaro
47:32 7. Jay’s Session Documentary
50:39 8. Steely Dan: Dean Parks, Paul Jackson Jr. + The “Peg” Solo
54:29 9. Producing/Writing for George Benson
56:48 10. Producing/Writing for Herbie Hancock
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JAY GRAYDON: The Ultimate Interview | From Steely Dan to Al Jarreau, George Benson and more!