Mika Tyyskä: How to Make a Living in Music?

"Many of us have faced this situation. You love music and you've found your instrument to express yourself with - and all you'd want to do is play! But.. how to make a living in music? Is it even a viable option in the modern world we live in? Or would it be better to work elsewhere and have music as a hobby?"
There aren't obviously any single correct answer to these questions. Mika Tyyskä is, however, one of those musicians who have found a way to make a living in music, in the modern age. How did he do it? Is there something you and I could learn from his experience? Let's ask the man himself!
This Live broadcast is targeted to all who enjoy guitars + basses, be it players, enthusiasts or collectors alike! The program is not about the guitars we make in my company Ruokangas Guitars. I'm doing this for you, who are interested in learning more about your instrument. The brand or monetary value of your guitar makes no difference whatsoever.
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