Amber DeBellis: Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing Cover

Slippery Thing. It is renowned for its difficulty and for good reason. I mess around with the melody here and there, and go a little off-script at points, but overall I keep relatively close to the original; after many failed takes, I decided to just mess around on the choruses and this ended up being the best take I had so hopefully y'all are okay with that!

The tiny nuances of this song are the difficulty icing on the cake of immense technicality. There's so many tricky little things, like the timing on the lick at 0:37 which got me for a while, plus that little bend you need to do on the G string as well. Or that alt-pick run in the first chorus is a group of 5 - 3 - 2 - 2 which is very awkward. The chord solo was also difficult for me a few years ago when I first started trying to learn this song, I would get lost. Or that tiny little sweep at 2:56, which is such a nuisance due to the speed and awkward fingering.

And that isn't even mentioning the obvious turbo-difficult licks, and the pick-up switch you need to do as you go into the tap-arpeggio, then switching back for the second chorus.

It has been a dream of mine to learn and play this song. In perfect practice conditions, I can play this song. But if I can't get it perfect in front of the camera, I don't think that really counts. Especially would not be able to do this live. So, I will likely try my hand at this one again at some point. I learn a lot each time I do!

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