John Mayer: Guitarists Shred on the PRS SE Silver Sky

We have the much-anticipated PRS se silver sky this is a familiar iteration of the original which is John signature model introduced back in 2018. Many many people of past if and when the silver sky would become a part of the SE series of instruments. We are happy to tell you the answer is yes and today as you may know the Silver Sky has been released in a bevy of exclusive and many sought-after colours. It's introduction into the se series of guitars is no different it's available in dragon fruit, moon white, Evergreen and the one I'm holding which is Stone blue body. Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard it has finished a synthetic bone nut. It is 25 and a half and scale, 22 frets with the PRS small birds the neck shape features the original 35 JM carve, the radius is 8 1/2 inch. There is a standard five-way blade switch which goes from treble pick up treble in middle middle middle and bass for the bass pick up by itself, There is a master volume, second knob is a tone control just for the treble pick up and finally this back tone control for the middle and the bass pickups and speaking of the pickups are at the top of a very long list of things that we have always loved about this over sky and these 635 JMS pickups absolutely capture that open every top and vintage Vibe without ever getting harsh or ice picky but they sound absolutely beautiful in all 5 positions

Guitarists Shred on the PRS SE Silver Sky - John Mayer