Tosin Abasi,Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders - Live at House of Blues, Dallas, TX 4/18/2022

April 18, 2022 - Animals As Leaders perform live at House of Blues, Dallas, Texas, on tour with Intervals.
1:31 --- Tooth and Claw (Joy of Motion)
6:22 --- Tempting Time (titular)
12:08 --- Wave of Babies (single, Animals as Leaders - Encore Edition)
18:38 --- Gordian Naught (Parrhesia)
23:58 --- Micro-Aggressions (Parrhesia)
28:47 --- Ectogenesis (Madness of Many)
33:40 --- Asahi (Parrhesia)
35:31 --- The Problem of Other Minds (Parrhesia)
38:34 --- The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing (abridged; ends after first solo) (titular)
40:30 --- Behaving Badly (abridged; intro arp. motif -> + Matt solo --> djent + motif --> final iter. of main melody) (titular)
42:53 --- Espera (filler during prep for Brain Dance) (Weightless)
45:05 --- The Brain Dance (Madness of Many)
53:03 --- Thoughts and Prayers (Parrhesia)
59:10 --- Monomyth (Parrhesia)
1:03:08 --- The Woven Web (Joy of Motion)
1:08:01 --- Physical Education (Joy of Motion)
1:14:11 --- Cafo (titular)
Seen these guys + met Javier and Tosin several times now. Definitely a different vibe artistically with Parrhesia than with previous albums, but, wow, you needed to experience the tone in person. Actually jaw dropping; very hard to put into words. Would cut off a toe to have recordings straight from PA e.g. the 2018 reference recording of Meshuggah at Graspop. Think I've watched just about every posted clip of this tour and am yet to find one that was able to perfectly capture all the nuances, etc. as I remember them. Most noticeable/ notable change were towards the low-end, which was significantly more articulate (maybe as simple as tighter noise gates, more compression?). Javier, in particular, reminded me of that Dingwall NG-2 crunchy sound... some of the other recordings (particularly of Brain Dance, since there's less collision going on so phone mic --> phone compression --> YouTube compression doesn't drown it out) capture that a bit more clearly. Nonetheless, absolutely one of the best concerts I've been to. Even as a guitarist-only, blown away by Matt's progression over the years. Kudos to all three.

Animals As Leaders - Live at House of Blues, Dallas, TX 4/18/2022