Max Ostro, Max Carlisle, Bradley Hall: MegaShred Collab 202

MegaShred Collab 2022 - (Feat. Bradley Hall, Rudy Ayoub, And More..)

Hey guys! It's finally here! The "big" project I've been working on is finally finished!
This has been quite a journey, and has been an absolute blast to put together.

Big thanks to everyone that took the time to join in on this awesome Mega Shred Collab
I'm honored to have worked with such talented guitarists and musicians!

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Also keep an eye out for new content every week! I'll be focusing more on weekly content now that this project is done!

@JaredDinesDjents Yo! ūüėé

00:00-00:11 Intro
00:12-00:37 Lester Mitchell
00:38-01:04 Noah Crenshaw
01:05-01:28 Marcel Zwei
01:29-01:54 Max Carlisle
01:55-02:21 Rudy Ayoub
02:22-02:46 Max Ostro
02:47-03:11 Joko Reantaso
03:12-03:37 Bradley Hall
03:38-04:03 Amar Alhoc
04:04-04:28 The Bald Shredder
04:29-04:54 Deakon Lekross
04:55-05:20 Dakota Amacker
05:21-05:46 Anthony Iglesias
05:47-06:11 Milos Kostov
06:12-06:36 Daniel Bautista
06:37-07:02 Amber DeBellis
07:03-07:27 Bruno Freitas
07:28-07:52 Jack Harris
07:53-08:19 Dan Carson
08:20--08:45 Leon Mabunda
08:46-09:09 Lotastic Films
09:10-09:35 David Nwokoye
09:36-10:00 Isaac Holmes
10:01-10:27 Josh Bailey
10:28-10:53 Fernando Gonzalez
10:54-11:12 Outro

MegaShred Collab 2022 - (Feat. Bradley Hall, Rudy Ayoub, And More..)