Matteo Mancuso, Federico Malaman: Yamaha Sessions | Drift-Lab

Enjoy this Yamaha Sessions performance from Drift-Lab. Drift-Lab is a group of musicians who are all masters of their craft in their own right and when placed together in this group are able to produce some of the most captivating and inspiring displays of musicianship out there today.

Drift-Lab consists of Manuele Montesanti (Synthesizers, Keys programming), Matteo Mancuso (guitar), Federico Malaman (bass guitar), and Daniele Chiantese (drums).

Song List
1. M-I-M-M-A 00:00
2. King of Nothing 04:21
3. My OS 09:32

Drift-Lab came into existence as the brainchild of sound designer, composer and Yamaha Artist Manuele Montesanti. His love for creating progressive compositions that fluidly cross boundaries, paired with his outstanding musicianship, led to him making the basis for what would become the Drift-Lab as featured in this session.

Now joined by like-minded creative and virtuoso musicians to complete this band, Drift-Lab has been creating together and is ready to bring their music that blends jazz, rock and fusion to the world. More information:

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Yamaha Sessions | Drift-Lab