JiYeon Lee:man in the mirror + George Benson - off the top

JiYeon Lee: Daegu Guitar Academy In the Guitar 2016

JiYeon Lee: Middle School Gold Prize

JiYeon Lee: billie's bounce

JiYeon Lee: Stevie wonder - Isn't she lovely

JiYeon Lee: Martin Miller - Fresh ducks

JiYeon Lee: Blues Saraceno - Remember when

JiYeon Lee: michael wagner - hot mustard and mike stern - chromazone

JiYeon Lee: Gary Moore, Matt Scofield and Robben Ford and the best way to practice

JiYeon Lee: Guthrie Govan T&C

JiYeon Lee: Sunny - Greg Howe - performance at sound check from amazing 10 year old

JiYeon Lee: Blues Saraceno Rabbit Soup

JiYeon Lee: Extreme - politicalamity- teacher Su mi Lee

Su mi Lee, JiYeon Lee: A brilliant version of Yngwie Malmsteen Crying by these super talented players! Made my day!!

JiYeon Lee: Crying - stunning just 9 years old - student of Su mi Lee

JiYeon Lee: Guthrie govan drivin blues 9 year old student of Su mi Lee