Marty Friedman: Milan Guitar Day 7 tomorrow!!!

Michael Dolce: special price album for June 2011

Damien Ossart-Villanova: The Omen Trio

Massimo Izzizzari: Electrifying new album

Francesco Fareri: Virtual Mind new album details

Attila Voros: a videoshot with Silverblade

Cameron Barton: cheeky lickage

Fred Brum: Atonement

Roy Marchbank: crazy celtic chromatic circus!

Allan Holdsworth: three sheets to the wind Germany 1986

Paul Gilbert: spins around 360 degrees and survives!

Dean Cascione: 3 Note Per String Speed Scale

Andy James: Fractal Audio Axe FX Ultra

Paulo Pacheco: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Steven Miagat: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Thomas Wilcock: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Milan Polak: Shred Academy gets a new tutor

Rob Chappers: Planet Waves "MonkeyFest" Pick design confirmed

Rie aka Suzaku: Time Paradox

Cameron Barton: fan fretted 8 string on 5 octave outing

Angel Ruiz: Building the church-Steve Vai

Alexandre Bicudo: Mallavoodoo - Abracadabra live 2011

Randy Hansen: live April 2011

Chris Geden: playing the large banger setting on the Freekish Blues Betty Boost Pedal!