Rati Prachayanuporn: Aa3 calssy demo track on soundcloud

Jess Lewis: My Favourite Things

Tom Quayle,Andy Wood: Superstition at the Raleigh Music Academy

Tony MacAlpine, Derek Sherinian: Planet X - Her Animal

Tony MacAlpine,Billy Sheehan: "Birds of Prey (Billy´s Boogie)"

Jason Becker: the clinic... now the benefit

Steve Vai,Paul Gilbert,Andy Timmons: versus series

Paul Gilbert: I'll See The Light Tonight Yngwie cover

Rob Chappers: first Chapman ML2 is unboxed at Andertons

Frank Gambale: has moved on facebook

Michelle Meldrum, John Norum: dedicated to the late Michelle Meldrum

Ritchie Blackmore: Lemmy's inside track

Nicole Couch: a phantom blue warm up after many years break