Nicole Couch: a phantom blue warm up after many years break

Nicole Couch:
im just gonna say it again that i had not played guitar in years when i made this video - i did it for the purpose of trying to guage were i was and were i would be at now with some practice ( i have improved!!) i posted it on myspace as a joke because it's sloppy and boring and sad how you can lose your chops..but thanks for the nice comments though and when i get some time i will post something that is actually worthy...cheers wolfee0

Well we are happy to have more videos like that here on Truth In Shredding... our best wishes to Nicole Couch.

Nicole Couch my hero!!!!


  1. WHOA! WOW!

  2. Urg, this is Nicole Couch and I am highly ashamed of this video. I posted it on myspace as JOKE, it's really crap playing. Really.


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