Istvan Alapi: Salgótarján,Cafe Frei 2011

Rick Graham: Tay Zonday eat your heart out!

Brian Auer, Leonardo Guzman, Listen Angel: For Those About To Shred Competition

Andre Nieri: winner OVERLOUD TH2 GIVEAWAY

Darius Wave: winner of 6th Live 4 Guitar competition

Roberto Restuccia: Don't Cry Guitar Solo - classy soloing

Roberto Restuccia: Hayden's Big Haul Solo Competition winner

Piotr Wójcicki: classy soling live

Dhalif: Between Two Worlds with added rock!

Patrick Amar: Cadence : A tribute to Jeff Joseph

Carl Mörner: Vinterviken Impro

Tommy: here's Tommy's new instrumental songs

Pop Woravit: Luminasion, hot rocking band!