Marty Friedman: Death Panda

Scott Mishoe: extreme slap guitar

Paulo Grua: Zoe Trio - Mamute

Andrew Gerard: Samurai Fingers Ep.15

Mateus Starling: Brazilian Funk

Tom Quayle: announces full, one day masterclass in Manchester UK

Chris Brooks: Bookings for Skype and Personal lessons

Wilko Johnson: announces Autumn UK Tour

Frank Zappa: Frank's music now back in the hands of the family

Eddie Van Halen: cover of free iGuitar issue 10

Jason Becker: Cover of Guitar Player July issue

Troy Stetina: Free Master classes announced

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Alejandra Mesliuk: A Persuasive Reason - Destination solo

André Niéri, Lari Basílio, Hussein Haddad, Leandro Farias: Jam Artistas Santo Angelo #4

Carina Alfie: Dream Like

Sam Bell: #Prometheus #areyouseeingthis

Rusty Cooley: Combining 2 Scales

Guthrie Govan: BendNote Blues Jam Lesson

Angel Ruiz: nice little tapping lick

Sergey Golovin: demos the stunning Lepsky Prima and Jelani

Reece Fullwood: four ocatve Pentatonic String Skipping

Luca Turilli: Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity details

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