Steve Lukather: Win a Signed Guitar

David Locke: Purple Rain V's The Loner

Sergio Paganini: optimal collection defacto neo shred licks - enjoy!

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - Mata Hari

Luca Colombo: Maiden voyage fusion soloing

Micky Moody,Laurie Wisefield: Snakecharmer

Travis Montgomery: Chelsea Grin - Lilith

Steve Vai, Mattias IA Eklundh: Gothenburg 2012

Kurt James: Chandler Strat 80's San Dimas on ebay

Al Mu'min: HAARP Machine - Strandberg

Lord Tim, Mark Furtner: Lord - Because We Can - awesome video!

Michael Angelo Batio: HWS Tribute to Rock Guitar Show

Morgan Pettersson: Coup de Grace solo