Georgi Stanchev: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II

Peter Frampton: Lying (Live In Detroit)

Amaury Cruz: Symphony X Incantations of the Apprentice

Kip Winger, Reb Beach: in the studio to record Winger record

Thomas Lang,Paul Gilbert: European Tour blog

Timo Tolkki: Avalon - Enshrined In My Memory (Official video)

Ulco Bed,Candy Dulfer: Lily was here - Roosendaal 2013

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Carl Mörner Ringström: What's In Your Heart - Knower

Geddy Lee,Alex Lifeson: interview with Eddie Trunk

Eugene Potekhin,Alexander Kuznetsov: The Korea - Saturnus EP

Giacomo Castellano,Thomas Lang: Naked Sun - recording session

Mark Gibson: Reflection - tapped harmonics

George Lynch: ESP & GoDpsMusic clinic and live stream

Lucio Manca,Mauro Manca: Everybody Needs An Angel new CD

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Milan Polak: Tracking lead guitar #2 - on fire!

Sam Coulson: Questions and Answers

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Jane Getter,Adam Holzman: announces show at NJ Proghouse

Kosta Vreto: Pictures Of A Broken Heart - new CD announced

George Lynch: Guitar Player - Activism, Guitars, and the 1980s

Joanne Shaw Taylor: announces Exclusive London concert to record a new live DVD

Brian Larkin: Vigier Surfreter - Fretless solo