John Huldt: listen to my new album for free!

Daniele Gottardo: Laurie Monk... I'm super excited about this landmark release... and you should be too!

Paul McCartney: leaves a guitar pick on Elvis Presley's grave

Cameron Allen: added to roster

Michael Schenker: adds Tank to his London date!

Andy James: LickLibrary Release Learn to Play Van Halen Vol.3

Daniele Gottardo: thanks Max Wike for his contribution to the production of his new album!

Steve Hillage: Rovo and System 7 - UK Live shows announced

Mika Tyyskä,Tom Gardiner: Mr. Fastfinger featured on Markus Pajakkala's Utopianisti

Richie Kotzen: Purple Haze guitar lesson from Dangerous Guitar!

Marian Gradinarski: Extreme Sick 10 and 8 String

Kevin Peters: OneThaTaps - Waves Of Shred - classy two handed tapper returns!

Ashley Freeman: Waves of shred Contest - 13 years old