Aryz Bulo: Waves Of Shred

Andrei Bogdan: Waves Of Shred with an 8 string

Panos Katseas: Waves Of Shred

Carlos Rivera: Waves of Shred

Dmitry Zhinkin: Waves Of Shred

Geffen Rahardjo: Waves of Shred

Lorne Hind: Waves Of Shred

Thiago Brito: Waves Of Shred

Juan Camilo Merchán: Waves of Shred

Dave Brons: Waves of shred

Damjan Pejcinoski: The Presidential Orchestra Of Belarus

Morten Faerestrand: John Coltranes Pursuance

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: Waves Of Shred

Dhalif Ali: Second Round - French Guitar Contest 2

Walter Trout: in conversation!

Daniel Realpe: Rock n Roll Shred - Lesson

Dweezil Zappa: Win a Free Scholarship to Dweezil Zappa’s Music Boot Camp

Irene Ketikidi: presents an interview with Irene

Tony Martinez: Guitar Lesson Legato Playing

Christie Lenée: news update and gig dates

Stéphan Forté: Solvet Saeclum In Favilla - solo

Alex Hutchings: talks about upcoming clinic and live show