Scott Tarulli,Mark Egan: Live at the Berklee performance Center 7/25/13

News: Tone Max Premium Titanium Guitar Picks - Kickstarter

Allan Holdsworth: NAMM interview 2011

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot participates in 1,000 Guitars for Indonesian Kids project on his recent clinic tour of Indonesia

PJ d'Atri: Johann Sebastian Bach - Recital for guitar - more excellent playing from a super talented player.

Shane Gibson, Thomas Lang: StOrk - Broken Pieces - help them launch their 2nd studio album

Dean Murphy: Improv over Tom Quayle Backing Track

Kosta Varvatakis,Justin Cole: Hatriot In the Vault with Shanda Golden

Nathan Frost,Taka Minamino: Nathan happy to Taka playing a song from his Synecron album

Jim Root: Proudly Uses Orange Amplifiers In His New DVD Jim Root, Sound & Story From Fret 12

Ron Thal,ChikaVe: ChikaVe joins Ron for Little Wing - Jakarta 2013

Jon Neto: crisp sweeping and picking from the Jon Trio

Francesco Congia: The Other Half - original composition

Frank Gambale,Alain Rieder: Live - Humid Beings (1992)

Panos Arvanitis: Sad Ballad in AOR minor

Biréli Lagrène: Mouvements - electric heaven

Tom Quayle: Empress Nebulus Pedal Demo - TQ105 is back online!

Mistheria: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons | Metal project introduction

Marty Favento: One of the songs that will be on my debut guitar album

Panos Arvanitis: Six string Arpeggio with tabs

Callum Williams,Simon McBride: Intimate Blues Jam

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Some UK live dates - get to see JST ASAP!

Cameron Allen: Jamming on a Funky Standard Blues

Sam Coulson: Guitar Duet - Samba Pa Ti