Shred Sean: Hell Of A Night - pop session play through

Hedras Ramos: liveshow in HoChiMinh City, Viet Nam, 2014

Rick Graham: Fusion style Improvisation - guitar up for sale

Jeff Beck: super guitar solo from Utrecht 2014

Timo Somers: two solos that made Six String Theory semi final

Pablo Romeu: No Way and Soul's Voice - two rock solos for Six String Theory

Masahiro Aoki: Godspeed Vivix from Kawasaki, Japan makes it to the semi finals Six String Theory!

Damir Puh: Six String Theory semi finalist

Brandon Brown: grabs a spot in the semis of Six String Theory competition

Yoav Eshed: Charlie Parker Solo On Kim

Roman Nochevnyy: Between Two Realities - classy rock fusion

Andrew Riezebeek: Modern Electronic Cinematic guitar

Maneli Jamal, Damir Puh,Timo Somers: amongst the 2014 Six String Theory Competition Semi-Finalists announced today

Truth In Shredding: 200 posts... check out the last one.

Marty Friedman: Inferno - new guitar competition coming soon

Michael Angelo Batio,Tibi Galea, Corrado Sgandurra: Strings of Fire - the making of series filled with incendiary licks

Joe Chawki: Forever Infinite - ripping it up

Simone Dow,Scott Kay: Voyager - Hyperventilating - track from upcoming album - brilliant, get this album!

Jack Gardiner: Gospel Style Guitar Improvisation - in the groove

Chris Gordon: Outside Groove #12 and Shreddy Warmup

Vincenzo Grieco: Amedeo Cupido "In the End" - Jan Cyrka's Cover

Robin Burrows: jamming with his live band