Thomas Lang: "Cricket Chorus" - Meinl Drum Fest 2015

Francesco Artusato: Devil You Know - The Way We Die

Widek: Deep & Shallow - Hidden Dimensions - announces new EP

Cameron Allen: Jamming with a drum groove

Rick Graham: A snappy sounding picking pattern

Rob Chapman: Dorje - Catalyst UK tour dates

Sam Bell: Maniac - Flashdance - Epic Instrumental Cover

Dhalif Ali: picking hand camera - JTC Jam Of The Month October

Rebecca Scammon: .strandberg* Boden 8 - demoing the ergonomic design brutal glory

Samuli Federley: Silhouette of Death (riffs)

Greg Koch: Outtakes Vol. 1 and teaser for 2

Rob Garland: My Journey To Hell! Hell Guitars Super Blacks Picks Plectrum Review