Joe Stump: limited edition signed copies of the new release The Dark Lord Rises available

Christian Clemente: Melodic Minor Super Locrian - Modal Improvisation

t-cophony: October Sky "The 10th anniversary" - still one of the most inventive two handed acoustic tappers

Ronny Heimdal, Ray Riendeau, Alex Argento: Everything's Fine by Ronny Heimdal new album to order

Shoko Nagasaki, Ai Onuma: Neo-Zonk 1st Album - Luminous

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Joop Wolters: Caparison c2 hss ,kemper profiler

Reb Beach: Suhr Gear Spotlight

Eric Calderone: Halloween Meets Metal

Walter Trout: Battle Scars OUT NOW!

Al Di Meola: "Blackdog" – "Midnight Tango"

Kirk Fletcher: Hot of the press - Hal Leonard/Guitar instructional video and book pack

David T Chastain: Chastain - We Bleed Metal - preorder

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Stuart Hamm, Alex Skolnick, Joel Taylor: Stu Hamm and Stu Hamm Band Winter Tour dates - Supporting His New Solo Album - “The Book of Lies”

Alexandra Zerner: Morning Star - Vinnie Moore

Viacheslav Kavlenas: A Perfect Dream Prt.3

Viacheslav Kavlenas: Fail Emotions - Suit & Tie

Keston Barker: From A Galaxy Far Far Away - triple shot americano shredding

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Stuart Bull, Tom Quayle, Hayley Leggs: The Electric Guitar Show is an exciting cutting edge TV series c