Vernon Neilly, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale: Boosweet Records announce Vernon Neilly's New Album "Outta Time" packed with guitar players!

Morten Faerestrand: Rig Rundown And Secret PreAmp Trick!

Frank Steffen Mueller: JTC | Jam Of The Month | April | Harlem Blues

Akihiko Onji: Weather Report - Two-Hand Tapping

Derya Nagle,Joaquin Ardiles: Good Tiger - Snake Oil from A Head Full of Moonlight

Drewsif Stalin: Bring Me To Life with Nikki Simmons

Rob Balducci: Fan Request - RU Divine - Solo riffs...

Pritesh Walia: Wondering solo - Continentem

Billy Sheehan, Gregg Bissonette, Stephen Chesney: Shy Boy Ultimate Jam Night

Flint Blade: live, spontaneous Chapman Stick and vocal improvisation

Ian Bemolator: Metal soloing over Trance music

John 5: Now Fear This

Rob Marcello: Ozzy Osbourne - Revelation - Mother Earth

Jason Wilding, Tom Quayle: Cometh the hour cometh the man... kudos to the Wampler maestro

Zendhy Kusuma: Slow Jam - tasty playing

Bub Zulu: Creamy noodling for JTC April Fools

Jojo Alves: Weather Report-Birdland - 6on7 guitar

Stephane Pilette: EVH Wolfgang special

Jerry Rosenkrans: Jamming Along with Kool and the Gang - Get Down On It

Andre Nieri: Trio - Friends - Live at the 2016 Suhr Event

Scott Gailor: Eventide H9MAX Walk Through T.J.C.

Daniel Weiss, Lior Ozeri, Sharon Petrover: Square To Check - Spaghetti Champions - From the new album Stir Fry