Scott Gailor: Eventide H9MAX Walk Through T.J.C.

The Eighteth in a series of pedal demos from Scott Gailor and the Tone Junkie Chronicles. Hear the pedal in the loop, see real time knob turning, plus a demo vamps.

Gear Used
Eventide H9MAX
Mesa Boogie MK5 head (stock)
Recto 212 cab with V30's
Conquest Sound Cables
West Coast Pedal Board (Demo Rock)

Guitars (All tuned to Eb with 10-46 Von York Strings)
1991 Fender Strat w/Suhr DA Bridge pups and custom shop Texas
2005 Mexi Tele (Sam Ash LTD ED)with a Hot Rails and Tex Mex pups

Sure SM57
Sennheiser 421

Recorded at Signal To Noize Studio Fla

Scott Gailor - Eventide H9MAX Walk Through T.J.C.