Sam Bell: Extended Range Guitars

Lee Luland: Prospekt - Alien Makers of Discord (Solo)

Panos Arvanitis: Funky Shred impro in D minor

Daisuke Kurosawa: Runaway Infinite Rebellion, Kaiser Phoenix - Daisuke hits the gas on these tyre burning rippers

Michael Angelo Batio: Talks Music Industry, Decline of Guitar

Justin Liew: Coffee Break Grooves - 'Smooth Jazz 1-6' playthrough

Scott Van Zen: How To Play Arpeggios with Two Hand Tapping and Changing Chords

Marshall Harrison: Jamming w Marshall - guitars, musicians and music - Aha!

Nili Brosh: Melodic Tapping Solo

Mike Salow, John Whitaker, Hedras Ramos: Oxygen" (feat. Hedras Ramos) | Ideology | Guitar Playthrough

Jason Sidwell: Nature Boy (4K) - PRS baritone and Fender Stratocaster Elite guitar

Shawn Lane: Lanefastjazz - what it must be like if you just had a five shot Americano

Brett Garsed: guest solo | Fredrik Pihl -Static alteration