Jason Sidwell: Nature Boy (4K) - PRS baritone and Fender Stratocaster Elite guitar

This song (composed by Eden Ahbez in 1947) originally found fame in 1948 as Nat King Cole's first hit single. It was later covered by other artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, George Benson and Miles Davis.
As I like the brief classical sounding instrumental section in Nat's version I took that as my seed of inspiration, spending several evenings to develop the chord changes, voice leading and overall structure. Aside from being an instrumental, my version has a new intro/outro and a middle section key change. Thanks to Andy Davis for the wonderful drums/percussion performance and encouraging the inclusion of bass guitar.
Equipment used:
- Fender Stratocaster Elite guitar (N4 single coils and bridge Shawbucker humbucker)
- PRS baritone guitar (P-90 pickups)
- Yamaha APX900 electro acoustic guitar
- 4 string Warwick Thumb styled bass
- Kemper Powerhead amplifier (Marshall and Guytron profiles by Michael Britt)
- Presonus Studio One DAW
- Waves/IK Multimedia/Universal Audio/Izotope/Toontracks software

Jason Sidwell - Nature Boy (4K)