Friday, 27 February 2009

Guthrie Govan: premier guitar

Kudos to Mark McGuigan... first up the blues jam tracks forum:

PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location at NAMM '09 where he visits the Cornford Amps booth. In this segment, we get to hear and see some smokin' licks and tasty chops from Guthrie Govan as he plays through the MK50II, which is Cornford's latest 50 watt offerings. In addition, we get to see their Roadhouse and Richie Kotzen signature models.

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NAMM '09-Cornford Amps MK50II Demo & More

News: shred-o-meter the end for willjay?

For those who are followers of nps will already know the sterling work that Willjay has put into working how many notes per second a guitarist is playing... if not pop on over the Michael Angelo Batio forum and follow the thread. Well meet the new electronic version of the man himself. The Shred-o-Meter can be operated in metronome mode, so that the needle registers the NPS of the click, and can be foot-switched to Shred-o-Meter mode, in which it clocks picking or finger tapping speed. Designed by Tobias Hurwitz and Grubb.

"The Shred-o-Meter, invented by Tobias Hurwitz, is the first and only musical note speedometer in existence. It works on electric guitar or keyboard, and measures NPS (notes per second) in real time on a round meter that looks like an automobiles speedometer. It can be used to clock top speeds or to learn to play steadily with instant visual feedback instead of a click. The device also includes a super metronome that goes to 1,300 BPM."

For more details check out:

Shredometer Part 1

Shredometer Part 2

Greg Howe: autographed photos

Greg Howe has added a new item to his shop... an autographed image.


Frank Solari: guitar update

Frank Solari at the Brazilian Expomusic 2008 show.

Frank Solari na Expomusic 2008

Plus a fantastic video featuring the sitar playing of André Gomesi

Frank Solari e André Gomesi - Estrela, Estrela (Vitor Ramil)

Frank Solari (Guitar), André Gomes (Baixo) and Kiko Freitas (Drums) playing "Na Pressão", CD Acqua, recorded in 2004.

Frank Solari & André Gomes - NA PRESSÃO

Marshall Harrison: the holdsworthian principal

Marshall Harrison delivers a master lesson in legato technique:
I decided to make this vid after watching all of the so-called legato lessons on youtube (not ALL of them, just all I could stomach). It was a galvanizing experience and my mission was clear: to share with all youtubers what I've figured out in the past 14 years about Legato since the inception of my quest. It all started in early 1994 after viewing Garsed's Masterpiece, "Rock Fusion" video.... I

Hey ALLEN H. why don't you deign to show us insects how the GUITAR GOD on HIGH (you) plays in your style. We'll suffer through it somehow, don't worry. Put down the Coors beer, put down the tricycle, get a web cam and show us. It won't be TOO much of a miserable experience.

In Part II, we will go over what you need from your guitar/amp to play legato style. Sorry about the slightly out of tuneness of my guitar; I'm having trouble with the GOTOh tuning heads.

Holdsworthian LEGATO Guitar Lesson part I; As opposed to 'heavy-metal' LEGATO by M Harrison

Giorgio Rovati: funk fusion

What a fantastic looking guitar! Giorgio Rovati delivers more rock fusion.

Allen Hinds: xotic overload

A uper bonus overload video blow out from Allen Hinds!

Interview with Allen Hinds at NAMM 2009

Allen Hinds Jam Session with Katsuji Morioka

Katsuji Morioka & Allen Hinds at NAMM Bass Bash - Part 1

Katsuji Morioka & Allen Hinds at NAMM Bass Bash - Part 2

Rob Balducci: dave weiner namm interview


Interview with Rob Balducci & Dave Weiner at NAMM09

Danny Gatton: a tribute

A tribute to one of the greats. The late Danny Gatton playing on a Sunday evening at Gallagher's in Washington D.C.

Danny Gatton - guitar
John Previti - bass
Barry Hart - drums
Chris Battistone - trumpet
Bruce Swaim - sax
Phil Burlen - sax

Danny Gatton at Gallagher's (Proper)

Danny Gatton Saturday Morning Show 'One' w/Interview

Howie Simon: namm interview

Howie Simon talks about live show and equipment.

Interview with Howie Simon at NAMM 2009

Oz Noy: interview and live at the baked potato

Live footage and interview with Oz Noy:

Oz Noy interview at Baked Potato in Feb 2009

Oz Noy live at the Baked Potato in Feb 2009

even more videos:

Jack Gardiner: tribute to gottyboy

Jack Gardiner says:
All thanks go to daniele gottardo. I made the backing track myself. Usually i use my JEM but i've snapped a string (N) so excuse any missed whammy bar flutters daniele uses.

Scarecrowe Dance

Greg Howe: namm interview

Kudos to Chris Johnstone for spotting this video anda video with Xotic effects

Interview with Greg Howe at NAMM 2009

Derryl Gabel: outside secrets II nearing touch down

Derryl Gabel says:
Outside Secrets Part 2 DVD coming soon!
... In the meantime his Carvin deal looks like it's working out nicely!

Yoger Mucci: guitarfest tolca

Lots of great players and Yoger Mucci at this show tomorrow


Paul Gilbert: mega post

Thanks to Jenn from First up a great review of the The Guitar Generation gig, Richie Kotzen, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert at the House of Blues, San Diego CA, Feb. 25, 2009

Doors opened at 7:00. First up was Richie Kotzen at 8:00. He played a 45 minute set. He sounded amazing. He was playing one of his signature teles through a Cornford amp. I think the Cornford was Ritchie’s signature amp, especially since he used all his other signature gear. I’m not that familiar with all the names of his songs, so I don’t know exactly what he played and I didn’t see a set list. He did play All Along The Watchtower.
full post

House Of Blues: all videos

Also it looks like Mr Big are going to do OK, after selling out Budokan in ONE DAY! 15,000+ fans will see them :) An additional performance / another night of the tour might be added.

News: myguitarspace competition closes 28th

If you are planning to compete... deadline for "best lead break" is February 28th. A mere 2 days away. if you've been checking out the current combatants, thinking "i really oughta enter one of these", here's your chance. You can use a lead you know stone cold, or improvise, either one. details under "guitar contests" tab. noodle on, the Management

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