Paul Gilbert: mega post

Thanks to Jenn from First up a great review of the The Guitar Generation gig, Richie Kotzen, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert at the House of Blues, San Diego CA, Feb. 25, 2009

Doors opened at 7:00. First up was Richie Kotzen at 8:00. He played a 45 minute set. He sounded amazing. He was playing one of his signature teles through a Cornford amp. I think the Cornford was Ritchie’s signature amp, especially since he used all his other signature gear. I’m not that familiar with all the names of his songs, so I don’t know exactly what he played and I didn’t see a set list. He did play All Along The Watchtower.
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House Of Blues: all videos

Also it looks like Mr Big are going to do OK, after selling out Budokan in ONE DAY! 15,000+ fans will see them :) An additional performance / another night of the tour might be added.