News: shred-o-meter the end for willjay?

For those who are followers of nps will already know the sterling work that Willjay has put into working how many notes per second a guitarist is playing... if not pop on over the Michael Angelo Batio forum and follow the thread. Well meet the new electronic version of the man himself. The Shred-o-Meter can be operated in metronome mode, so that the needle registers the NPS of the click, and can be foot-switched to Shred-o-Meter mode, in which it clocks picking or finger tapping speed. Designed by Tobias Hurwitz and Grubb.

"The Shred-o-Meter, invented by Tobias Hurwitz, is the first and only musical note speedometer in existence. It works on electric guitar or keyboard, and measures NPS (notes per second) in real time on a round meter that looks like an automobiles speedometer. It can be used to clock top speeds or to learn to play steadily with instant visual feedback instead of a click. The device also includes a super metronome that goes to 1,300 BPM."

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