Marshall Harrison: the holdsworthian principal

Marshall Harrison delivers a master lesson in legato technique:
I decided to make this vid after watching all of the so-called legato lessons on youtube (not ALL of them, just all I could stomach). It was a galvanizing experience and my mission was clear: to share with all youtubers what I've figured out in the past 14 years about Legato since the inception of my quest. It all started in early 1994 after viewing Garsed's Masterpiece, "Rock Fusion" video.... I

Hey ALLEN H. why don't you deign to show us insects how the GUITAR GOD on HIGH (you) plays in your style. We'll suffer through it somehow, don't worry. Put down the Coors beer, put down the tricycle, get a web cam and show us. It won't be TOO much of a miserable experience.

In Part II, we will go over what you need from your guitar/amp to play legato style. Sorry about the slightly out of tuneness of my guitar; I'm having trouble with the GOTOh tuning heads.

Holdsworthian LEGATO Guitar Lesson part I; As opposed to 'heavy-metal' LEGATO by M Harrison