Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Christophe Godin: musikmesse 2009

Christophe Godin shredding at the Laney stand, Musikmesse 2009

Musikmesse 2009 - Laney Stand

Glen Drover: new cd track sample


Glen Drover says:
Well, here it is, the new song (MP3 mind you) as promised!!

Egyptian Danza

As I sit here writing this to you, i'm doing what I usually do on a awesome day like today, which is blast a good album (Boston, Don't look back. YES!!!) here in my new recording studio!!

Hope you all like the new track. It's a little different from what you would normally expect from me. It's pretty much Jazz meets Prog in this case. Originally a Jazz song, but now has a strong prog side, mostly from me and Jim Gilmour (Saga) who have prog type backgrounds.

The band really have played amazing on this track and there is an obvious chemistry here that we all acknowledge and are very excited about!! I want to thank Jim, Chris and Paul for their awesome playing!

We are still in writing mode for the rest of the tracks, so the process is a little slow, which is fine by me, as i'm in now rush what so ever to finish. We of course want the whole album to be as strong as humanly possible! May be able to squeeze in 2 or 3 more drum tracks in before Saga goes to Europe for april and may. This way, I can keep the ball rolling along....

Aside from all of that, I still have a few spots available for online lessons, so for those who wish to expand on their playing, you will find ALL info about how to sign up on my myspace page under "LESSON INFORMATION". SERIOUS inquiries only please.

Last but not least, as some of you may know, I have a new recording studio and have decided to take in a few bands this summer to record. For the drummers, I have one of Shawn's kits from Gigantour 2 for use of recording, which sound awesome, as well as many other possible goodies to use in my inventory of equipment!! I can be contacted about recording possibilities here on myspace.

Have an awesome day!


News: truth in shredding available in australia


spuǝlɹıɟ uɐǝpodıʇuɐ ɹno oʇ ǝʎɐ,pooƃ ˙˙˙ɐılɐɹʇsnɐ uı ǝlqɐlıɐʌɐ ʍou ƃuıppǝɹɥs uı ɥʇnɹʇ

A special treat for Australian guitar fans Chris Brooks

Tips for view the video in the rest of the world

Lorenzo Venza: the fluid flood

Lorenzo Venza is back with a nice jam, this one "the flood" from his band utopia, solo section.

Lorenzo Venza - "the flood"(utopia) solo section

Marco Sfogli: james labrie band 2005

Live from Qube - Rome 2005

James LaBrie Band - Stranger

James LaBrie Band - Invisible

Glenn Proudfoot: five note frenzy

Blues Rock soloing with Pentatonic scale adding the major third.

Pentatonic with Major 3rds - Glenn Proudfoot - Prazsky Vyber

Pentatonic Scale - Glenn Proudfoot - Prazsky Vyber

Dennis Cannizzo: tune fish rising


Dennis Cannizzo Fusionjam

Johann Sebastian Bach Prelude 2 played by Dennis Cannizzo

George Lynch: all access magazine interview


George Lynch:
It was an attempt to re-visit the instrumental thing that I did with “Mr. Scary.” It was somewhat of an afterthought, as “Mr. Scary” was. Coincidentally, as we speak, I’m in the studio working on a song called “Son of Scary” that’ll come out on Guitar Hero 5. To be quite honest with you, that song closes the record because I couldn’t find a way to tuck that song into the record’s sequence without interrupting the sequence of the record. Like naming a band, sequencing is relatively simple, but it’s very difficult when you’re writing. That song was either going to be at the end, or I could’ve made it a hidden track. “Under the Dead Tree” was originally a vocal song, and it was very cool as a vocal song. London’s vocals were very dark and disturbing. They had the effect of making you feel strange and uncomfortable. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but it did affect London and me. It definitely wasn’t a party song.
full interview

Richie Kotzen: brazil in april


Richie Kotzen touring in Brazil in April:
One of the great names in Hard Rock world back to Brazil for three shows! Considered one of the best guitarists in the world, Richie Kotzen presentations are scheduled in three Brazilian cities: São Paulo / SP, Rio de Janeiro and a third to confirm.

Endowed with a unique style on guitar, which mixes rock, jazz-fusion and even Soul, Kotzen - who is also singer and composer - has in his discography recorded over 25 albums, among them the album "Native Tongue" with the band Poison , which reached the Top 20 of Billboard.

Richie also joined the legendary band Mr. Big, who recorded four albums, replacing guitarist Paul Gilbert, but maintaining the success of the band recording the album with "Get Over It" and "Actual Size" where one of his compositions was devoted hit, "Shine."

Currently, it has followed with his solo career and collaborated with several artists from Rock, Jazz Fusion, including the legendary Stanley Clarke. In 2006, opened the concerts of the Rolling Stones in Japan for the tour "A Bigger Bang Tour", with tickets sold out for every night!

The guitarist released his latest album in 2007 entitled "The Return Of The Mother Head''s Familly Reunion," which combines hits like "Dust", "fooled Again" and "Go Faster".

In his previous move by Brazil, Kotzen recorded the CD "Live in São Paulo" in Stones Bar. Information about the presentation in the Manifesto Bar in São Paulo, visit For more information about the tour, visit:

Raimund Burke: into my arena


Raimund Burke - Into My Arena

1. Beautiful Sin
2. Off-Highway
3. Still searching
4. Rain of my Heart
5. Caged
6. Look forward
7. Rough Riff
8. Into my Arena
9. Don't you know (+ voc)
10. Wait for the Night (+ voc)

"Off Highway" Raimund Burke

Raimund Burke "Into my Arena" - Trailer 2008

Betcha can't play this 'Vol 1'

1984 everything began with the first guitar given to him by his parents (because the drum kit was too loud in the house)In the same year he founded his first hard rock band Inverness together with Peter Breitenbach (Warhead) und Bjoern Eilen (Rebellion). 1989 he recorded his first Hard rock demo (Sea Of Green) professionally at Cottage Studio, Osnabrueck which was even mentioned in the local Osnabrueck paper comparing him to Yngwie Malmsteen. This was, according to Raimund Burke, totally exaggerated but nevertheless very nice.

1990 he took classes in Popular Music at Hochschule fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst, Hamburg, Germany

1991 The Band KING COCKROACH (Hardrock)

1992-1994 there was a little fusion rock band in Osnabrueck named Zumpf. Weird
name, weird, far out instrumental fusion music.

1994 Martelli (Hardrock), Hamburg, together with ex-Mydra singer Andre Martelli.

Also in 1994 a little tour with Markus Wolter, who opened for MichyReincke, both

2000 he finally bought himself a drum kit (his other passion) and applied it on
Into The Void – 2001 a cover band playing hard rock und heavy metal songs.

2005 he finished his first own instrumental CD Get It (which can be purchased
on this site).
Just before Christmas he creativley used his time to make a rocking Christmas
Maxi DC (Christmas in Rock) which is very unique.
2006 “Get It” got rave reviews from listeners and critics alike. The media praised the joy of playing, the ideas and the great songs on the CD. Meanwhile, in 2007, Raimund has contributed guitar soli on the Safkan debut album which will still be published in 2008.
There were also a couple of studio jobs that required some soli for a hardrock as well as for a yet unpublished country/rock project from Norway, which adapted a few hardrock classics.

Also in 2007 the production of the new CD “into My Arena” is underway full blast, recorded at the R&B home studio and mastered at Docmaklang Studio, Osnabrueck, Germany.
In December 2008, the new CD “Into My Arena” is released. Raimund was able to obtain quotes from some well-known music experts.

on line shop

Terry Syrek: ngw free open house session


The National Guitar Workshop:
free open house event at SUNY Purchase on April 18th from 1-4. We will have jam sessions, clinics by Terry Syrek and Matt Smith, tuition giveaways and a lot more

Jeff Loomis: musikmesse schedule

Jeff Loomis will be at MusikMesse 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany


Friday, April 3rd:

Schecter Booth: 1:00pm
Schecter Booth: 4:00pm

Saturday, April 4th:

Schecter Booth: 1:00pm
Schecter Booth: 3:00pm

Agora Stage: 5:00pm (For Engl Amps) Performance with guitarists Victor Smolski and Vinnie Moore

Rusty Cooley: clinic highlights


tooxtreme26 says:
It was friggin incredible man. for the record i was the dude in the Dean shirt and hat. My own personal highlight of the event was the meet and greet part at the end. Everybody else had to tell Rusty their name so he could make the poster out to them, but when i got up there he remembered me from our private lessons and even remembered my name when he autographed the poster. Rusty is truly the most badass down to earth rockstar ever! I'm gonna try to post some vids up on youtube tonight, although i can't really say how good the quality will be. was friggin incredible man.

My own personal highlight of the event was the meet and greet part at the end. Everybody else had to tell Rusty their name so he could make the poster out to them, but when i got up there he remembered me from our private lessons and even remembered my name when he autographed the poster. Rusty is truly the most badass down to earth rockstar ever!

Rusty Cooley Guitar clinic 3-30-09

Rusty answers a question about pick attack. A small exerpt from his Extreme Electric Guitar Clinic @ College of the Mainland 3-30-09.

rusty cooley clinic @ com

Guthrie Govan: no april fool

More from the recent live show... enjoy!

Guthrie Govan (Erotic Cakes) Peralta, Navarra, Spain

Guthrie Govan (Fives) Peralta, Navarra, Spain

Guthrie Govan (Sevens) Peralta, Navarra, Spain

Guthrie Govan (Wonderful Slippery Thing) Peralta, Navarra, Spain