Glen Drover: new cd track sample


Glen Drover says:
Well, here it is, the new song (MP3 mind you) as promised!!

Egyptian Danza

As I sit here writing this to you, i'm doing what I usually do on a awesome day like today, which is blast a good album (Boston, Don't look back. YES!!!) here in my new recording studio!!

Hope you all like the new track. It's a little different from what you would normally expect from me. It's pretty much Jazz meets Prog in this case. Originally a Jazz song, but now has a strong prog side, mostly from me and Jim Gilmour (Saga) who have prog type backgrounds.

The band really have played amazing on this track and there is an obvious chemistry here that we all acknowledge and are very excited about!! I want to thank Jim, Chris and Paul for their awesome playing!

We are still in writing mode for the rest of the tracks, so the process is a little slow, which is fine by me, as i'm in now rush what so ever to finish. We of course want the whole album to be as strong as humanly possible! May be able to squeeze in 2 or 3 more drum tracks in before Saga goes to Europe for april and may. This way, I can keep the ball rolling along....

Aside from all of that, I still have a few spots available for online lessons, so for those who wish to expand on their playing, you will find ALL info about how to sign up on my myspace page under "LESSON INFORMATION". SERIOUS inquiries only please.

Last but not least, as some of you may know, I have a new recording studio and have decided to take in a few bands this summer to record. For the drummers, I have one of Shawn's kits from Gigantour 2 for use of recording, which sound awesome, as well as many other possible goodies to use in my inventory of equipment!! I can be contacted about recording possibilities here on myspace.

Have an awesome day!