Monday, 3 August 2009

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman is back... more shred than you can shake a stick at!

When Saggese Francesco Antonio says Shred this! he means it. This is the second entry for the shred This competition with an extended pre shred burn out!


Ben Randall: meyones demo devastation!

Ben Randall runs through three shred dreams!

Mayones Guitar Demo 1 by Ben Randall - Mayones Setius PRO 6

Mayones Guitar Demo 2 by Ben Randall - Mayones Regius PRO 6

Mayones Guitar Demo 3 by Ben Randall - Mayones Maestro

Alex Argento: new cd in planning

Alex Argento: I've got a new endorsement with Orange Tree, a great company which makes high quality sample
libraries for Kontakt that focus on realism and playability.
I was completely amazed by these samples, expecially because you can play them in an extremely easy way through a keyboard controller. Please check the following libraries (links) :

- CoreGuitar Strawberry
- CoreBass Cherry
- CoreBass Cherry Slapped
- CoreBass Cherry Picked
- Iconic Bass: Jaco

A big thanks goes to CEO Greg Schlaepfer, founder of Orange Tree Samples who gave me the opportunity to use their samples. I will use them for the pre-production of my next solo album. I will also post some demos using these samples in the next future. Stay tuned!


Angel Vivaldi: new CD to be released

About Angel Vivaldi - NEW MUSIC | CD Release This SAT!

Making of "The Speed of Dark" Day One

Making of "The Speed of Dark" Day Two

Mario Parga: joined by john pratt on new cd

Mario Parga & John Pratt - 'Unchartered Waters':
More good news for fans of Mario’s guitar playing and music; he’s collaborating on a new studio album with Los Angeles rock singer John Pratt (Firefly/John Pratt Band). The album will be titled ‘Uncharted Waters’ named after one of the songs. Recording will commence later this year, with Mario writing the music and playing guitars and keyboards, and John taking care of the vocals and lyrics. The album will be recorded at both Mario’s studio in Las Vegas, NV and John’s studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Mario said of John: “I’m very excited to be working with John on this album. As well as possessing one of the best voices I’ve ever heard, he’s an extremely musical guy and can play several instruments. Although John’s probably best known for his performances as a frontman on the L.A. rock scene back in the 80’s and 90’s , he also composes music for motion picture soundtrack and has an impressive résumé featuring many top Hollywood movie and TV studios.”

The album is scheduled to follow the release of the new album from Mario Parga & Lee Small, more details of both albums will follow soon.

News: Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus is full of starss

A big thanks to Jenn... she saved me so much time! the original post

Artist: Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus
Title: Conquering Heroes
Label: Fuel Records

Track info
1. Dislocated (featuring Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big)
2. This Time Around (Yngwie Malmsteen)
3, Safe (featuring Neal Schon from Journey)
4, Four Miles High (featuring Steve Morse from Sea Level & Deep Purple)
5. So Long (featuring Doug Aldrich from House of Lords, Lion, Whitesnake, Rod Stewart)
6. Black White House (featuring Brian May from Queen)
7. Guitar Zeus Part 1 (featuring Jennifer Batten from Michael Jackson)
8. Killing Time (featuring Ty Tabor from King’s X)
9. Where You Belong (featuring Slash from Guns & Roses)
10. Days Are Nights (featuring Ted Nugent)
11. Time To Set Alarms (featuring Elliot Easton from the Cars)
12. Under The Moon & Sun (featuring Mick Mars from Motley Crue)
13. Guitar Zeus Part II (featuring Leslie West from Mountain)

1. Stash (with Stevie Salas from Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger)
2. Code 19 (with Zakk Wylde from Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society)
3. Perfect Day (with Warren DeMartini from Ratt)
4. Gonna Rain (with Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi)
5. Crusin’ (with Denny Laine from Moody Blues & Wings)
6. Snake (with Bruce Kulick from Kiss and Meat Loaf)
7. Trippin’ Again (with Ty Tabor from King’s X)
8. Dead Wrong (with Dweezil Zappa)
9. Doin’ Fine (with Vivian Campbell from Dio, Whitesnake & Def Leppard)
10. Where You Belong (with Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big)
11. GZ Blues (with Seymour Duncan and Steven Seagal)

Produced by Carmine Appice & Phil Kaffel for Bianic Music
Recorded by Phil Kaffel/Mike Wolfe
Mixed by Phil Kaffel & Pat Regan
All songs written by Carmine Appice & Kelly Keeling except “Stash” written by Appice, Keeling and Tony Franklin; “Where you Belong” written by Appice/Keeling/Franklin, and “Perfect Day” written by Appice/Keeling/Franklin.
Published by Bianic Music (ASCAP) and Neptchyunes c/o Serge Entertainment Group LLC (ASCAP)

News: first blogger and now youtube is busted

A little problem... the number of items in youtube is not decreasing and all new items are marked as read... I hope they fix this soon... just recovering from the dreaded blogger bX-aiksoi error... it's working again now... but stopped my posts for the evening!

Cheers Laurie

Milan Polak: hard rock heaven 9 out of 10 review

Fans of melodic hard rock or those in search of the next guitar hero will be pleased with Murphy’s Law. Milan Polak and his crew have done an excellent job with this one and have made a solid guitar-driven album that doesn’t come across as a guitar exposition. Polak allows himself to show off a little, but this is really a “whole-band” effort. Polak focused on making music and writing solid songs rather than stringing a bunch of high-speed notes and chord progressions as many other “guitar gods” have done. This is a great CD with a lot of attitude and shows Milan Polak to be a complete musician – much more than just another six-string phenom.
full review

Tom Quayle: tq105 delivers a hot song preview... time for a cup of tea!

Tom Quayle says:
Hey There!

Thought I'd share an idea I've been working on the past few hours for a song from my debut album which is in the writing process now. It's still pretty rough and the solo section is still being written.

Great band lined up - I just need to finish writing all the material now!

Let me know what you think. I used the SSV+ bridge humbucker into the Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 with the BB preamp on the clean channel, a little bit of compression and a Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cabinet IR in Logic Pro 8.

Hope you enjoy it - I'll try to finish the album soon.

Song Preview 3

George Bellas: the dawn of time recording details posted

Thanks to Antoine Prost for this.

George Bellas says:
The upcoming new album by George Bellas - "The Dawn Of Time". For the recording sessions, George used an assortment of gear that includes; Strats, Les Pauls, Flying V's, a Musicman Stingray bass, a Precision bass, Marshall amps, an Ampeg SVT Classic bass amp, Sure SM57 and Sennheiser MD421 Microphones, a Focusrite Red Series Mic Pre, Apogee converters, a custom microphone isolation box, Tube Screamers (Keeley modified and some stock), custom designed pedals by Nokina Design, Coleman Audio Monitoring System, Mogami cables, Apple computers, Logic pro software and a extensive sound library.

The material on this album is a stylistically diverse collection of shorter 3-5 minute songs with a total running time of 80 minutes. Some of the songs are in a complex progressive style, and others are in a more traditional neoclassical style. An extreme amount of attention went towards obtaining the highest quality sound for each instrument. The guitar, bass, drums and keyboards all sound clear, open, dynamic and very organic. And once again, Marco Minnemann recorded some absolutely phenomenal drum performances.

"The Dawn Of Time" will be released in early 2010 on Lion Music.
full details, photos etc...

Dave Weiner: tribute to marty friedman - dragon mistress

Marty Friedman's Dragon Mistress 2nd guitar by Dave Weiner

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman shreds this!

A ton of notes and shred from Saggese Francesco Antonio in response to the "Shred This" backing track! Finally got this one live after a little trouble... enjoy!


Luis Coelho: the remains of jupitor

A track recorded for last years guitar idol final 2009. Enjoy.

The Remains of Jupiter

Larry Mitchell: 10 videos from an ibanez clinic

10 videos of great quality from super guitarist Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell: Ibanez Guitar Clinic

Kara Gordon: kiwi's shred this too

Kara Gordon did well in Dean Shredding competition, Guitar Idol 2008. Kara Gordon says:
July of last year I was honoured to open for Joe Satriani with Glenn hughes of Deep Purple. I also had the privelage to meet or jam with Zakk Wylde,Doug Aldridge (whitesnake),Paul Stanley,Gene Simmons (kiss), Vernon Reid(living Colour),Uli Jon Roth(scorpions),Gilby Clarke(guns n roses),Joe Satriani, Micheal Angelo Batio,Dr Martin Taylor,Tommy Emmanuel and Ron La Pread of the Commodores. These are some of my favourite youtube guitarists. Muris V,Daniele Gottardo,Hellman,Jittboy(ck),J ack Gardiner,,Alex Beserker,Ricardo Walls,Sylvio Vasquez , Rob Chappers, and more.

K Gordon Truth in Shredding Comp

Joe Bonamassa: marshall class5 launch

The new Marshall Class5 all-valve, UK made combo was launched by Joe Bonamassa at world famous Jazz club Ronnie Scott's in Soho on Tuesday 28th July 2009. The song in this video is 'Just Got Paid'.

Joe Bonamassa launches Marshall Class5 combo 1

Joe Bonamassa launches Marshall Class5 combo 2

News: youtube guitarists complete this thesis survey

Hi fellow user

Tristan here (my channel is utubemused) I am currently completing a study on informal music learning on and would really appreciate your input. My study will be somewhat reliant on your input to confirm my hypothesis, so the more detail your answers give, the better (if you have time). I have a a consent form/information form and questionnaire that you can fill out below. I really appreciate your assistance with my thesis and would be glad to share my findings when I complete my thesis, in order to assist me completing it on time It would be great if you could complete and send the questionnaire back as soon as possible..

Thanks Tristan Hancock

School of Music
6 Symonds St
Private Bag 92019
Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone: + 64 9 3737599 ext. 82071
Facsimile: + 64 9 3737446

Interview Consent Form (Questionaire Particpants)

Title: Tubing Virtuosity ?: Informal Music Learning/Teaching on
Researcher: Tristan Hancock Supervisor: Dr. David Lines

The purpose of this consent form is to give you the information you will need to help you decide whether to be in this study. Please read this form carefully. You may ask questions about the research and find out the risks, benefits, your rights as a volunteer, or anything else about the research or this form that is not clear to you. Please contact my supervisor Dr. David Lines or myself (see contact information below) if you have questions. You may keep a copy of this form for your records.

The questionnaire forms part of the research for a thesis being completed for a Masters in Music Education. The aim of this study is to examine how informal music learning occurs on the website and additionally how it may be integrated with formal music education practices

Participants will be given a questionaire, in person or by email, that they will complete in their own time and return in person or by email.

All the information will be used only for research purposes, and held for up to 6 years. It will be stored in separate secured areas at the University, after which it will be shredded/destroyed. Following the interview, participants will have one week to withdraw any information discussed in the interview.

All participants names will be protected confidentially and their names will not be shown in any publication or report about the research.

I understand the aims of the research and have had opportunities to ask questions and have had them answered.
I am over 16 years of age or I am the parent/guardian of the participant
I understand the process of storing all the information, and I may withdraw any information traceable to me up to one week following the interview without giving a reason.

I agree to take part (or allow my child to take part) in this research

Name ( of participant and/or parent/ guardian):


Researcher: Tristan Hancock, Tel: (027) 0740300, Email:
Supervisor: Dr. David Lines, Tel: (09) 3737599 #84881, E-mail:
HOD Music: Prof. Robert Constable Tel: (09) 3737599 #82071, Email:
School of Music, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland,
Private Bag 92019, Auckland.
The Questionnaire


1) Have you ever had formal music lessons? ( for instance guitar lessons)?

2) Are you currently having formal lessons? How long have you been learning?

3)Have you ever had 'real world informal music learning?(friends etc show you something, or vice versa )What did you learn?

4) How regularly you visit ?

5) Do you ever post videos? If so what types of video?

6) Have you ever learnt a song of musical technique (for example chords or scales etc) from

7) What proportion of your time on is spent viewing lessons?

8) Do you read the discussions underneath the video ? Do they help your learning?

9) Do you post on the discussion? What kinds of comments do you usually make ?

10) Do you find these discussions helpful for music learning?

11) Do you share with others music/ lessons/ videos? if so why?

12) Do you find lessons and posts through other community sites i.e. Myspace, Bebo and Facebook?

13) Since using for lessons how would you assess your progress?

14) Do you think that lessons are different from real world lessons? If so how?

15)Do you use other online music learning sources ie TABs, discussion groups,file sharing, other video sites ?

16) In your real world geographic location would you have access to the same information ?

17) Are you satisfied with the range/quality of information that you study in formal lessons? If so why ? If not why?

18) Are you satisfied with the range/quality of information that you study in online lessons? If so why ? If not why?

19) Do you either currently use videos in your lessons (as either a teacher or student?) if so , what kinds of videos

20) Can you give examples (web addresses if possible) of the best music lesson posts that you have seen.

Erik Mongrain, Michael Manring: a surprise jam

Erik Mongrain manager says:
Even though they never met, Michael Manring composed superb bass tracks on 2 of Erik's songs on his last album. Usually during live shows Benoit ( his manager ) plays the lines with Erik. For the Canadian Guitar Festival Manring was in ited to do a show and a workshop on the same day as Erik. So I asked Michael to play instead of Benoit for that night without telling Erik... ( He really had no idea it would happen.) Here's the result of the surprise and the "meeting" of these 2 virtuosos. Sorry for the quality ! Josee

Erik Mongrain with Michael Manring - Part 1

Erik Mongrain with Michael Manring - Part 2

Carl Reeves Morgese: after shock boogied, shred this!

Carl Reeves Morgese caught in boogiefied flight by Aaron Berg at a recent jam session. Carl Reeves Morgese is from Milwaukee, United States.

Shred This Competition : Carl Reeves Morgese, " After-Shock Boogie "

Reece Fullwood: eumeria demo posted

This is an early demo of the Song 'The Rebel Mind' by my band 'Eumeria'

line up-

Jonny Tatum (Creator of Timefall) - Vocals
Bobby Williamson (Ex-Outworld, Thought Chamber) - Keyboards
Reece Fullwood (Solo Artist) - Guitars
Adam Sagan (Ex-Into Eternity) - Drums
Shawn Kascak (Ex-Outworld) - Bass

you can find us at -

EUMERIA - The Rebel Mind (Demo)

Antoine Michaud: the silver chicken shreds this...

All the way from Montreal Canada. Antoine Michaud says: Hi everybody !! I play the guitar since the age of 11. I did 2 years of classical guitar and 2 other years of electric !! I'll post videos as often as possible, my better shredding for you ^^ By the way, you can ask me to transcribe a tab you didn't found on internet, it will be a pleasure !! Here's my latest tab on ttabs: id=255029

Shred This Competition Entry: Antoine Michaud

Rob Chappers: in guitar heaven!

Matchless Avalon combo - Demo by Rob Chapman of Monkey Lord. An absolutely superb amplifier, one of the finest I have ever played! You can buy this amp and many more amazing Matchless amps at The UK retailers for Matchless Amplifiers.

Matchless Avalon combo - featuring PRS, Anderson & Vigier

Joop Wolters: lydian flight

Joop Wolters says:
Guess everybody has it's own practise routine ..:)...for myself it's always in this way..just working on improvisation/playing by playing jams or working out new tunes that provide again new material to practise and work on technicale and stylisticly..always trying to work on stylistic-control and going for instant storylines more as opposed to practise conecting a bunch of licks licks and tricks ...i like more to deal with the factor interpretation of the music the moment and the given sound...


Mario Parga: custom siggery guitar in the making

Mario is proud to announce that he’s teamed up with renowned English luthier Marty
Siggery of
Siggery Guitars
who is in the process of building Mario two 100% handmade
custom guitars to Mario’s specifications as part of a new endorsement. Readers
of guitar magazines around the world will be familiar with Siggery Guitars who
are notorious for their outstanding build quality, tone and intonation and hailed by critics
and professional guitarists alike.

Mario said earlier today: “I’ve known Marty for a very long time, fans of my 1991 album
The Magician will remember that Marty actually played bass on it. Marty always had an
uncanny way with guitars, he became quite a legend on the UK guitar scene back in the
late 80’s and early 90’s with his guitar set-ups and modifications. He’s since blossomed
into a truly outstanding guitar builder, the reviews in guitar magazines say it all… Using
only the highest quality materials, Marty hand crafts all Siggery Guitars personally, and
I’m looking forward to playing my new custom guitars as soon as they arrive in Las

Mario is looking forward to a long collaboration with Siggery Guitars.

Lyle Watt: pays tribute to buby guerra

A really nice touch from Lyle who met Buby Guerra and Gustavo Guerra at guitar idol 2008.

Lyle Watt - Ten Words

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g firewind's istanbul

Lots of live video from the recent Istanbul show.

Gus G: firewind Unirock 2009 Live In Istanbul

Plus Firewind now have myspace specifically for Italian fans: