News: the mystery of youtube response videos revealed

Following a number of issues I've had with YouTube responses, I've been doing some research. I found a possible reason why videos are losing their response. Apparently you can only add your video as a response to one video. This means if you add it to more than one you will lose the previous link. But this also can solve the problem for missing videos responses. As your video can only be a response to one video what you need to do is you need to "Post the same video as a response to one of your own videos, and then refuse to accept it. That will cancel the current one." Then you can add as a response again.


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    Ya I've had the same problem with youtube .. I find that if you wanna link to your own videos it's much better to put em up in the decription .. or if it's too long u can put it up in comments and disable comments (Haven't tried this personally but should work) ..I guess YT is jus tryin to curtail the no. of video responses cuz if they let it be It'll become as serious as what back links are in cases of blogs ..
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