Sunday, 23 August 2009

Silvio Gazquez: guitar fest promo!

Argentina's favourite shredders, shred for you!

Guitar Fest Argentina 2009

Kostas Karamitroudis,Yuto Miyazawa: ozzfest

What it says on the tin!

Ozzy Osbourne: ozzfest gus g Yuto Miyazawa

Pedro Santos: night of guitar gig!

Pedro Santos will play a concert alongside Nacho Mur (Sweet Little Sister) and Jose Rubio (ex War Cry). The name of the event is "The Night Guitars 09"

The performance will take place on September 5 in Room Barracudas (C / Brescia 19) from Madrid. The price of entry ticket is 5 € and the start time is 22:00. Basically, the three guitarists playing issues in their respective solo work, as well as new issues and developments in a final jam of the three together with a banda.

Rick Graham,Tom Quayle: these guys suhr know how to play!

Wow these two guys are just the business... makes you want to be there... hot cup of tea in hand!

Suhr jam 2 - Rick Graham & Tom Quayle

Riccardo Solimena: super cool shred this

Another nice tapped section on this Shred This track! A mix of melodic and shred playing!

Shred This competition entry by Riccardo Solimena

Mattias IA Eklundh: freak guitar tuition album announced

Mattias IA Eklundh says:
Tuition Album - Freak Guitar - Growing Your Own Moustache Vol. 2! A new download tuition album will be available from the online store ( this fall, simply entitled Freak Guitar - Growing Your Own Moustache Vol. 2! It will consist of equally challenging, slightly mad exercises as the first edition (to put it mildly) squeezed into a whole bunch of backing tracks with and without guitar, page up and page down of fine notation plus a neat cover to wrap it all into. Sharpen your fingers and stay tuned for release date.

LAND OF THE FREAKS: New album in production!

We have just completed the seventh Freak Kitchen album, entitled Land of the Freaks, featuring twelve brand new tracks:

God Save the Spleen, Honey, You’re a Nazi, Teargas Jazz, Sick? (Death by Hypochondria), The Smell of Time, OK, Do Not Disturb, Murder Groupie, One Last Dance, Clean it Up, The Only Way and Hip Hip Hoorah

To be released October 2009. More news soon.

Greg Howe: free clinic announced

Host: Greg Howe
Type: Music/arts - Concert
Price: Free Admission
Date: Wednesday, 09 September 2009
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Location:Music Villa
539 East Main St
Bozeman, MT

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Phone: 4065874761
Description Masterclass with Greg Howe at Music Villa!

This clinic is sponsored by DiMarzio Pickups & Music Villa. The show goes from 7pm to 9pm on September 9th. Seats are limited so come early. Admission is FREE.

Rob Chappers: announces his new band

Please welcome the official new Monkey Lord band members \m/

Johnny Hiland chicken pickin' guitar lesson

Renat Bikchurin: more finger exercises and jam

Finger exersizes. Renat Bikchurin

Jam over a backing track.

MVI 3051

Stefan Rosqvist: music world update

Just had some info on Stefan Rosqvist's current work plans. Stefan Rosqvist is currently working on the final mix for Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld CD, and he tells me the CD is sounding really great!

Stefan Rosqvist has aso started preliminary work and planning for his next CD.

Stefan Rosqvist also worked on the swan song for Dawn Of Oblivion on an upcoming final CD "The Final Chapter":
In 2008 we decided to share some of the new material for free on the internet to help promote Stefan Rosqvist solo album "the guitar diaries". We also shared some of the tunes to Mr. A.Larsson of M&A MusicArt, our old record- company, who was into the idea of releasing the material. We wresteled with this idea for some time and after an evening of excorbitant use of Victors collection of Islay whisky, we decided it's better to release the material than to let it drift into oblivion on a computer somewere. The release will be a two stage rocket, the first stage will be 4 track EP, entiteled "Ikaros", will be released in download form only and is now available in internet music shops.
The second stage, a 13 track album entiteled "the final chapter", will be available both as download and CD sometime this fall.

Keith Merrow: titanic riffs

Keith Merrow
This is a new song I'm working on- Decided to mess around on the new Ibanez LACS!

Keith Merrow- Titan

Keith Merrow- Crowbar, Wrath of Time Be Judgement cover

James Plasencia: shred this USA!

A very nice jam from James Plasencia, check out that speed lick at 1:57, very nice!

"Shred This" competition entry

Roger Pedersen: eight finger tapping... with sock!

Roger Pedersen says:
Just fooling around the strings using eight finger tapping and one of my socks :-). Eight finger tapping is not what I usually do on the guitar, but it was easy to learn. I guess it was bad weather this summer :-)

Me, my sock and some eight finger tapping

Rick Graham: test drive for suhr!

Rick Graham:
Finally got hands on my new Suhr modern! Here's a quick video of me testing it out at Tom Quayle's place.

testing my new Suhr modern custom

Matt Shelvock: shred this, a Canadian perspective

Another cool entry... just set to make Tom, Rick and my life really hard!

SHRED THIS competition entry by Matt

An excerpt from "Hot Wired" using my rig (US deluxe strat, Koch Powertone II+cab) and the Wampler Ego Compressor.

Speedy Countryness-- Brent Mason

Artur Brandão: brazilian shred this!

Artur Brandão - Truth in shredding - Competition

News: 7 questions

Jason Shadrick: 7 Questions Project:
If you could ask your favorite guitarist (or artist, or musician, etc..) only 7 questions; what would they be?

I was thinking about ideas for more interesting and relevant content for this blog and it dawned on me that I have access to some of the most amazing and influential guitarists around and it would be great if I could share some of their knowledge with the readers of this blog.

So, I want to get feedback from the guitar community as to what questions I should ask.

Here are a few general rules to remember:

* We will ask the same 7 questions to each participant
* These will most likely be through email, so the questions will need to require a short answer
* I want to stay away from the typical gear questions (what strings do you use?, etc..)
* The questions don’t need to be entirely about music

Please leave your suggestions for questions and participants in the comments on facebook