Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Chris Watson: not beyond reach

Chris Watson says:
Re-recorded this ballad but still not 100% happy but a litle better than the previous one from last year. As soon as I press the record button, I freeze and don't play all the good stuff I've rehearsed DAMNIT! Maybe a few beers might help!!!

Chris Watson - NEW IMPROVED 'Reach'

Steve Hubbard: a longer and sweet shred this

Steve Hubbard did another great job, different theme on this track, it's amazing what people can come up with!

Truth in Shredding Contest - Steve Hubbard (Take 2/3)

Joop Wolters: blue art house shred this!

Another briliant entry to Shred This, this time from Joop Wolters! How do we get to a number 1 player with all these brilliant entries?... ideas posted below this video please!

Joop Wolters says:
This entry shred this.. I just gave it a try ..recorded on august 26-2009


Rob Chappers: acoustic vocal demos posted

Rob Chappers lets go with the pipes and smoulders over a brace of vocal demos.

Monkey Lord acoustic demo tracks - Breath & Take Me

Muris Varajic, Damjan Pejcinoski: lims jam 2009

Cool jam... now how did I miss that!

Muris Varajic & Damjan Pejcinoski jamming at HTE Lace Stand (LIMS 09)

Milan Polak: TIS lavished with praise

More kudos coming in from the rather wonderful, if young looking, Milan Polak. I need to sit down with a strong cup of tea to take it all in ;)...

Milan Polak says:
yeah man, Jon's absolutely right. You're doing an awesome job for the guitar community and it's about time we give you kudos for it! Your contributions are priceless!

Milan's latest work is a song from the CD "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music) released in 2009. Purchase your personal copy at:

Milan Polak - "Torn"

Feel free to lavish more praise...

Jennifer Batten, Orianthi, Marnie Stern: feature in elle top 10 female guitar players

Elle announce there top 10 female players! My picks highlighted

Joan Jett
Lita Ford
Nancy Wilson
Jennifer Batten
Donita Sparks
Kelley Deal
Carrie Brownstein
Poison Ivy
Ruyter Suys
The Great Kat
Marnie Stern

Seems more pop than skill... OK... so what about

Nori Bucci
Lori Linstruth
Anna Popovic
Bonnie Raitt
Kaki King
Emily Remler
Gina Volpe
Jan Kuehnemund

Feel free to post names of players I missed!

Thiago Trinsi: burning lidian lesson

Thiago Trinsi:
I am playing on the Lydian degree (#4 IV°) using alternate picking in a group of arpeggios that I mix in notes of the scale! It is extremely important to start off slowly to acquire more clarity and dynamic with the notes, therefore in these stretches I´m playing arpeggios with jumps with alternate picking. It´s not so easy to have good control but keep at it, and the results will be impressive ! So enjoy it!! See you next time!!

Burning Lidian Thiago Trinsi

Jon Finn: gives a shout of approval to Truth In Shredding!

Truth In Shredding (aka me) are blown away to get comments from great players... so I am all weak kneed and giggly since Jon "bigged up" this blog - Jon Finn says:
Hey Laurie! I just wanted to say thanks for all you do for the world of guitar. It makes a difference! Keep playing! - Jon
Well we here at TIS... er me, are over the moon! Keep on shredding! By way of thanks Jonn with Stu Hamm...

Jon Finn and Stu Hamm Jam at the Red Room

and more turned to 11 mode...

Jon Finn Teaches Spinal Tap guitar styles

Thiago Trinsi: live gigs posted

Thiago Trinsi says:
I will be playing in Iceland:

27th in Husavik ( Queen Tribute Show) ,
28th (Saudarkrokur ( Queen Tribute show)
29th in Akureyri , Intercultural Night ( Thiago Trinsi Presentation)

If you get a chance to see him play then go! This is the guy who recorded these incredible solos:

Mayones Guitar Competition - Thiago Trinsi

Thiago Trinsi - Soundtrack Of Summer

Shred This Competition: Thiago Trinsi

George Lynch: souls of we live dates updated

George Lynch has announced more live dates (**) for his SOULS OF WE project updated their tour dates:

28 - Santa Clara, California - Avalon Nightclub
29 - Hollywood, California - Club Vodka

4 - Santa Ana, California - Galaxy Theater
5 - San Diego, California - 4th & B
10 - Janesville, Wisconsin - The Back Bar
8 - Longmont, Colorado - Dickens Opera House **
13 - Fort Wayne, Indiana - 4 D's Bar & Grill **
15 - Toledo, Ohio - Headliners **
18 - Charlotte, North Carolina - Amos Southend
19 - Springfield, Virgina - Jaxx
20 - Lakewood, Ohio - Hi-Fi Concert Club
24 - Houston, Texas - Meridian **

Marcelo Barbosa: khallice to perform dream theater's images and words!

Khallice , featuring Almah guitarist Marcelo Barbosa, will perform DREAM THEATER's Images & Words album in its entirety on the following dates:

26 - UK Brasil Pub - Brasilia-DF
27 - Bolshoi Pub - Goiania-GO

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: Corsican shred this

Jamming on a Tom Quayle Bt

Giorgio Rovati: vote for centrica

Giorgio Rovati asks:
Hi people, Centrica needs your vote at the "Rock The Nation Award", it's just a click over the name Centrica following this link:

Please support us ;)


Raphael Fraser: shred this 2, the Kiwi revenge!

I had Raphael Fraser down as an Aussie... so my apologies as judging by the web site he's a Kiwi So this one is for you Raphael enjoy... I'll no doubt get this wrong as well and get lynched by both the Aussie and Kiwi guitar community!

Shred This! 2

Michael J Scott: 15 year old shred this!

Michael J Scott says:
Thanks to laurie monk , tom quayle and of course shred junior for the great competition, Good Luck to all competitiors. SHRED ON ! Michael Scott 15
... yes that's right just 15... great job!

Michael J Scott - Shred This competition entry

Rob Chappers: monkey lord, king of the castle!

Breath - Monkey Lord location shoot. All shot by the epic Mr Andy McCreeth ;-)

Monkey Lord = Rob Chappers Lee Bryant Ian Brenchley

Breath - Monkey Lord location shoot

Plus the BBQ gig tour

Random Mundane Blog 5 - The Lee's first gig!

Alex Skolnick: trio enters studio

Alex Skolnick with his trio, has entered the studio to begin recording a new album. Skolnick states,
"Day 1 was up against the wall! But we're kicking butt on Day 2. One more day to go..."
full details

Derek Furr: mellow jam

Derek Furr aka theguitfiddle kicks back on this one... Mellow Jam indeed!

Mellow Jam

Joop Wolters: speed, traffic, guitar accidents track posted

Joop Wolters says:
posted a tune for the interested from my album SPEED, TRAFFIC GUITAR-ACCIDENTS 2004..called "A DAY AND THIS" the song has a blues-fusion feel to it in 3/4 beat...

joop wolters: composition,prod, guitar bass..
daniel flores: drums (thanx daniel love what you played on the track)

John 5: fender j5 sweetwater clinic highlights

This man can play!

John 5 Workshop "Fender J5 Telecaster" - Sweetwater

John 5 Workshop "Fender J5 Telecaster" - Sweetwater

John 5 Workshop "Fender J5 Telecaster" - Sweetwater

Dave Kilminster, Guthrie Govan: NEW Italian festival appearance and acoustic cd in the works

Dave Kilminster says:
Murray & Dave conquer Peterborough 8-29&30 -- Guthrie news!

Hey Everyone!!
Mad times here at the moment, but all good stuff!! Murray and I have been hard at work in the studio recording our first CD together!! The results so far are pretty amazing, and I really can't wait for everyone to hear it!!! :O) More news on that very soon... along with some studio pictures, taken during the recording process... :O) Meanwhile our World tour of Peterborough kicks off this bank holiday weekend with not one, but TWO gigs in that ancient city!!!
Saturday, August 29
The Cellar Bar
Sunday, August 30
The Cherry Tree

Hope to see some of you there... By the way, thanks to everyone that showed up for our Cambridge Rock Festival appearance the other week... It was actually a very difficult gig for us both, as the on stage sound was truly appalling!!! Anyway, the less said about that the better.... but hopefully it wasn't too distracting for anyone in attendance... And we have some wonderful pictures of the event, courtesy of Anne Marie Helder, so look out for those in the near future... Finally Guthrie and I are once again flying over to Italy for a gig together on September 5th. 2009.. this time at a Guitar Festival in Fiorano... Check out tour dates for details. Fans of insane guitar would be mad to miss it!!! And probably fans of Ferrari's too!!! Anyway, I'm really looking forward to playing all that crazy stuff again... :O) I'm also apparently doing a small clinic on the 6th, which should also be fun!! And as always I'll be armed with my trusty camera, so I'll make sure I have a record of the event...
More soon... Take care out there people!!!
D x

The Guthrie, Dave Italy photo gallery

Joe Satriani: superman joe "satrini!"

Joe has humour and can play guitar... but you can't embed the video so check out this video: and this one

Steve Lukather: old but cool interview

Steve Lukather Interview

Allen Hinds: 2005 xotic guitar demo

Interview with Allen Hinds Xotic Guitars 'XT-2 Tobacco Burst' ,Aug 2005

Shane Gibson: new cd ready to go

Shane Gibson says:
My New Album "Stork" Finally ALMOST Ready To Be Released.... feel free to check out... The OFFICIAL SHANE GIBSON PAGE.....PFFRRRRRNNTT... on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

first song is "Christmas in October.".... this is a ruff mix, and will more than likely be an intermission song in the album.....

the record will include 12 tunes, featuring myself, billy sheehan, and the great Thomas Lang.... special guest violins from Shenkar (shakti, peter gabriel, etc...), and tino guo (session player, family guy, etc...)

just an update.....


News: you rock guitar web site

Another cool web site

Dave Weiner: pentatonic pull offs

Visit for all videos, tab, jamtracks and more!

Every Wednesday I do a new Riff Of The Week™ guitar education video. Here's Season 4 ,Ep 40: "Pentatonic Pull-Offs"

Pentatonic Pull-Offs: Riff Of The Week - 8/26/09 (S4, Ep40)

Chris Geden: marmalade studio take

Chris Geden:
A recorded version of the Blues Jam Track backing with my take on it. Done with some pics of my little brother as "Mini Shredder" and my cat Bobo as "Self deluding Super Flying Shred Cat". Rotosound Promo

Blues Jam Tracks - Orange Jam by Chris Geden

Saggese Francesco Antonio: washburm wm10v test



Chris Geden: shred this just got cute

Shred this got cute... Mini Shred helps Chris Geden out with his studio version of the Shred This backing track!

Chris Geden:
Looks like Shred Junior has some up and coming competition. Studio take of the Shred This competition, featuring Mini Shredder and Super Shred Cat! EPISODE 1

Cool studio version Chris!

Shred This Shred That Shred Cat!

Jorn Viggo Lofstad: pagans mind dvd teaser

First DVD from Pagan's Mind will be out ultimo September 2009 as a live CD/DVD, a double DVD set and a limited triple CD/2DVD set including exclusive bonus material and more.

PAGAN'S MIND Live Equation DVD teaser

Jeff Loomis: uk clinic details

Jeff Loomis is hosting two guitar clinics in the UK this October.

The clinics have been set up by Westside Distribution and Schecter Guitar Research, and are a must for fans of fast shredding, heavy riffing and virtuoso technique.

Tues 6 Oct - The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Weds 7 Oct - The Cathouse, Glasgow

Advance tickets for both events will take the form of a exclusive laminate pass. These laminates will be individually numbered and will also the form the entry ticket for a prize draw at the end of each night to win a Schecter guitar. There’ll also be a draw to win a years worth of Elixir strings.

Plus, the first 50 people through the door on the night of each clinic will get a limited edition ‘Loom of Doom’ Schecter clinic tour T shirt for free.

Advance tickets are priced £3. Doors open at 7pm, with Jeff onstage at 8pm. The venue operates a strict over 14’s only policy. For full details of how you can see this amazing player and his 7-string Schecter in action, visit or call 0141 248 4812.
full post