Tuesday, 6 October 2009

News: win 30 guitars in 30 days via twitter

Beginning Tuesday, October 6th, multi-platinum recording artists Thirty Seconds to Mars will begin a Twitter-powered “30 Guitars in 30 Days” giveaway, rewarding one Twitter follower each day with a brand new guitar for the astronomically low price of 1 Tweet.
Co-presented by Culture Jam and Michael Kelly Guitars, fans can enter to win 1 of 30 Nostalgia Series guitars (including fitted hard-shell cases) by sending a single tweet through Culture Jam’s custom application at: thirtysecondstomars.culturejam.com. The band will select one winner daily.
The “30 Guitars in 30 Days” giveaway is the most recent fan-focused intiative from Thirty Seconds To Mars. Recently fans have had the unique opportunity to participate in both the recording process of This Is War as well as the album packaging. “The Summit” brought fans from around the world together both online and offline to record sounds that were included on the album and the “Faces of Mars” contest allowed fans to submit photos of themselves which will ultimately end up on multiple different covers of the album.
On October 13th, you will also be able to use the application to become one of the first to purchase Thirty Seconds to Mars’ newest single – “Kings + Queens” – as well as preorder This is War (December 8th, EMI’s Virgin Records) via iTunes and Amazon. http://www.michaelkellyguitars.com/
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Rob Balducci: violet horizon lessons

Thanks to Rock House Blog for spotting this one

10-5-09 Lick Of The Week Track #7 Trinity from the CD Violet Horizon

9/28/09 Lick Of The Week - Shape Shifter track #6 from the CD Violet Horizon

9-21-09 Lick Of The Week Track #5 Liquid Soul from Violet Horizon

We have a robbalducci.com special, buy the CD for the price of $15.00 with free shipping and get a Violet Horizon autographed poster and a guitar pick for free.

Thanks for your support!

Rob Balducci

Russ Parrish: steel panther fat girl [thar she blows!]

Video for the song "Fat Girl", off of the album FEEL THE STEEL, in-stores now!

Steel Panther-Fat Girl

News: LEGO rock band - shred juniors Christmas present sorted!

Lego Rock Band will be the fifth game in the Lego crossover series, but the first to not be an action-adventure game. Previous games in the Lego series include two Lego Star Wars games, Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman. Each of the games have received critical acclaim for their nonsensical fun, as well as their family appeal.

Lego Rock Band will continue with that formula, as the game will not only focus on songs that fit perfectly into the music video games formula, but songs that are well-known and well-liked throughout several generations.

Lego Rock Band has yet to receive an official release date, but several media outlets are reporting that it will hit shelves on November 3rd, 2009, just in time to compete with Band Hero for the holidays.

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David Wallimann: modal chord progression

Modal concepts part 6 Modal chord progression part 1

Modal concepts part 6 Modal chord progression part 2

Steffen H: Give Me a RIFF winner!

Subway bandit gives his run down of his favourite players.

Subway Bandit Give me a riff competition winner!!

Steffen H says:
Entry to riff competition. Drum track is Rob's. I doubled the guitar, added a tiny solo guitar in the background and gave it a bass line. I am "pick sync-ing" the video. My gear: PRS 250SC, TonePort UX2, MacBook Pro with Logic 9, Stingray bass. I know my face looks stupid when playing :O) Play loud with proper stereo speakers or headphones! :O))

Re: Give me a riff competition - Win £400 worth of pedals

Steffen H says:
Working on making a full song from the riff. This is a very first rough demo, refinements and vocals to follow soon.

Re: Give me a riff competition - Made a Song from the Riff - This is a rough demo

John Kiefer: orchestral dreams II

The introduction of saint-saens' danse macabre.

from: classics for electric guitar MB 98672BCD


danse macabre

telemann menuet 2


Jan Laurenz: a tribute to pipe and slippers!

Don't Jodel without Hosenträger

Scott Henderson: tribal tech live in pescara

eight videos, one player... more Scott Henderson awesomeness

Scott Henderson: Tribal Tech Live in Pescara

Marcos De Ros: lux perpetua 2

Lux Perpetua 2. Marcos De Ros

Reece Fullwood: rebel mind solo

Reece Fullwood:
Hey guys, just a video of me testing out my webcam,
theres is a bit of audio clipping in the video, in the lower frequencies, and audio phase too,
i'll sort this out and get a better video up soon.
The Frame Rate isn't great either.

Webcam Test - The Rebel Mind Solo

Elias Viljanen: sonata arctica tour dates update

07.10.2009 Ram's Head Live, Baltimore USA
09.10.2009 The Palladium, Worcester USA
10.10.2009 The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie USA
11.10.2009 Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia USA
12.10.2009 Webster Theater, Hartford USA
13.10.2009 Ches-A-Rena, Cheswick USA
15.10.2009 Music Hall, London Canada
16.10.2009 Peabody’s, Cleveland USA
17.10.2009 Uncle Pleasant's, Louisville USA
18.10.2009 The Rave, Milwaukee USA
12.11.2009 Club Roxy, Prague Czech Republic
13.11.2009 Masters of Rock Cafe, Zlín Czech Republic
14.11.2009 Cassosport Hall, Kosice Slovakia
15.11.2009 SKC, Belgrade Serbia
17.11.2009 Petõfi Csarnok, Budapest Hungary
18.11.2009 Seifenfabrik, Graz Austria
19.11.2009 Szene, Vienna Austria
20.11.2009 Backstage, Munich Germany
22.11.2009 Z7, Pratteln Switzerland
23.11.2009 Longhorn, Stuttgart Germany
24.11.2009 Löwensaal, Nuremberg Germany
25.11.2009 Alcatraz, Milan Italy
27.11.2009 Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona Spain
28.11.2009 Heineken, Madrid Spain
29.11.2009 Theatre Barbey, Bordeaux France
30.11.2009 Elysée Montmartre, Paris France
02.12.2009 FZW, Dortmund Germany
03.12.2009 Carling Academy Islington, London UK
04.12.2009 Hard Rock Hell Fest, Prestatyn UK
05.12.2009 JB's, Dudley UK
06.12.2009 Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp Belgium
08.12.2009 Capitol, Hannover Germany
09.12.2009 013, Tilburg The Netherlands
10.12.2009 Paradiso, Amsterdam The Netherlands
12.12.2009 Folken, Stavanger Norway
13.12.2009 Sentrum Scene, Oslo Norway
14.12.2009 Trädgårn, Gothenburg Sweden
15.12.2009 Klubben, Stockholm Sweden
31.12.2009 Screamfest, Enmore Theatre, Sydney Australia
03.01.2010 Hi Fi, Brisbane Australia
05.01.2010 Billboard The Venue, Melbourne Australia
19.02.2010 Pakkahuone, Tampere Finland
20.02.2010 Finnish Metal Expo, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki Finland
25.02.2010 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki Finland
26.02.2010 Club Teatria, Oulu Finland
27.02.2010 Hullu Poro Areena, Levi Finland
28.02.2010 Hullu Poro Areena, Levi Finland

News: magnacarta free samplers

Tracklist for the 2007 Sampler(MP3 Format)

01 dUg pinnick - Life Is What You Make It (Strum Sum Up, MA-9094)
02 Liquid Trio Experiment - Hot Rod (Spontaneous Combustion, MA-9060)
03 Jordan Rudess - Piece Of The Pi (The Road Home, MA-9092)
04 Shadow Gallery - Mystery (Shadow Gallery Prime Cuts, MA-1011)
05 Derdian (Medley) (New Era, Pt 2 - The War Of The Gods, MA-9091)
06 Khallice - I've Lost My Faith (The Journey, MA-9089)
07 Age Of Nemesis - Tree Of Life (Terra Incognita, MA-9088)
08 Anthropia - Question Of Honor (Video Edit) (The Ereyn Chronicles, MA-9087)
09 Ozric Tentacles - Jelly Lips (The Floor’s Too Far Away, MA-9085)
10 Magna Carta Guitar Greats Medley (Magna Carta Guitar Greats, MA-1012)
11 Jordan Mancino - AHHH...The Fadeout (Drum Nation, Vol 3, MA-9086)
12 School Of The Arts - No Time Flat (School Of The Arts, MT-2315)
13 Michael Lee Firkins - One Big Punch (Blacklight Sonatas, MT-2306)
14 Oz Noy - Which Way Is Up (Fuzzy, MT-2314)
15 Alex Skolnick Trio - Mercury Retrograde (Last Day In Paradise, MT-2312)
16 Tishamingo - Are We Rollin’ (The Point, MT-2311)


Tracklist for the 2006 Sampler(MP3 Format)

1. Dug Pinnick – “Crashing” – Emotional Animal – MA-9079
2. Niacin – “Super Grande” – Organik – MA-9081
3. Tempest – “Captain Kidd” – The Double-Cross – MA-9083
4. Age Of Nemesis – “Fate’s Door” – Psychogeist – MA-9082
5. Speakers For The Dead - “No Wrong” (Demo) – Prey For Murder – MA-9084
6. Royal Hunt – “Not My Kind” – Paper Blood – MA-9080
7. Totalisti – “Sick Of It All” – Slave To None – MA-9078
8. Subdivisions – Rush Tribute Medley feat. Bach, Skolnick, Winger – MA-2112
9. Drum Nation 2 - Medley feat. Bozzio, Portnoy, Donati – MA-9076
10. Oz Noy – “Damn, This Groove!” – Oz Live – MT-2310
11. Robert Walter – “Adelita” – Super Heavy Organ – MT-2309
12. Alex Skolnick Trio – “Transformation” – Transformation – MT-2305
13. Tishamingo – “Wastin’ Time” – Wear N’ Tear – MT-2304
14. The Fareed Haque Group – “Gulab Jammin” – Cosmic Hug – MT-2307
15. Michael Lee Firkins – “Golden Oldie” (Demo) – Since 1967 – MT-2306
16. Steve Morse Prime Cuts – Medley –MA-1003
17. Mike Portnoy Prime Cuts – Medley –MA-1004
18. John Petrucci Prime Cuts – Medley – MA-1005
19. Billy Sheehan Prime Cuts – Medley – MA-1006
20. Jordan Rudess Prime Cuts – Medley – MA-1007
21. Robert Berry Prime Cuts – Medley – MA-1009

2005 Sampler

Michael Lee Firkins, Steve Morse, Alex Skolnick, Charlie Hunter, Oz Noy, Chris Poland: all on one CD


1.“Took The Words Right Outta My Mouth” – Michael Lee Firkins
2. “Free In The Park” – Steve Morse
3. “Scorch” – Alex Skolnick Trio - Alex Skolnick with Charlie Hunter
4. “Dance To The Music” – The Clinton Administration – Charlie Hitchcock, Fareed Haque, Michael Lee Firkins
5. “Gulab Jammin” – The Fareed Haque Group – Fareed Haque
6. “Downside Up” – Oz Noy with Mike Stern
7. “Lake Shore Drive” – OHMphrey – Chris Poland & Jake Cinninger
8. “Flashlight” – The Clinton Administration – Phil Upchurch
9. “Dump Truck” – Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Will Bernard
10. “Rome” – Tishamingo – Cameron Williams and Jess Franklin
11. “Disdots” – Ozric Tentacles – Ed Wynne
12. “Starlite Jamboree” – Bill Cutler – Jerry Garcia and Mark Karan

Magnatude Records has captured performances by some of the leading lights in the Jam Band field. Music from blues to folk to jazz and back to hard rock are intertwined, combined and refined.

Featuring performances by:
Steve Morse, Jake Cinninger, Alex Skolnick, Jerry Garcia, Charlie Hitchcock, Fareed Haque, Charlie Hunter, Oz Noy, Mike Stern, Michael Lee Firkins, Will Bernard, Mark Karan, Ed Wynne

The Jam Band Culture has produced some of the most inventive and diverse music that the rock genre has seen in a long time. Influences from blues to folk to jazz and back to hard rock are intertwined, combined and refined. The guitar has been the instrument that all this musical abundance is built around. Magnatude Records has captured performances by some of the leading lights in this field. “Jam On Guitars” illustrates the fact that it’s not about technique. It is about substance. Steve Morse, Jake Cinninger, Alex Skolnick and Michael Lee Firkins join an outstanding line up of players.

News: guitar hero as iphone app

Activision plans Guitar Hero iPhone app:
A Guitar Hero application for the iPhone and exclusive tracks written by artists such as Robbie Williams and Gorillaz specifically for new video games Band Hero and DJ Hero are being planned by Vivendi's Activision... Guitar Hero chief executive Dan Rosensweig, the former chief operating officer of Yahoo!, will this week be meeting with music groups including EMI to discuss future collaborations with artists. EMI has been keen to create a Pink Floyd edition of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, as it has done with The Beatles.

Gerald Gradwohl: new cd available

Gerald Gradwohl Trio
Sally Beth Roe (CD)

Gerald Gradwohl talks about Sally Beth Roe, "After the release of our last album, "Tritone Barrier" back in 2007, we had many great gigs all over Europe and during this period I wrote a bunch of new songs especially for this trio line-up. When we started thinking about a new album, we decided to make it "as live as possible", to capture the vast energy and fun we have onstage. Three consecutive days of recording, and that's it (except for overdubs on two tunes). In the studio, we initially recorded 2 or 3 takes per tune, however, after a while we noticed that we liked the first takes for most of the tunes more, so by the end of the recording session, we weren't doing second takes anymore - for "Blues", "No Matter" and "Joni" we only did one take. For me, the new album has some kind of "raw and vintage" feel - I hope you can sense the atmosphere, energy and fun we had during the recording sessions! buy

News: special prices on Asian guitarists CDs!

Deals from guitar euroshop!

During October, we are happy to promote Asian Guitarists by making very special prices on those CDs!

YanLiang Lee - Superstar
YanLiang Lee - Superstar
12,95€ 8,50€
Yanliang Lee - Ski On Mars
Yanliang Lee - Ski On Mars
12,95€ 8,50€
YanLiang Lee - I will rock you
YanLiang Lee - I will rock you
12,95€ 8,50€
YanLiang Lee - Coollion Lee 3
YanLiang Lee - Coollion Lee 3
12,95€ 8,50€
Hisashi - Radiant Heat [Import]
Hisashi - Radiant Heat [Import]
12,95€ 8,50€
Hideaki Nakama - Point Of No Return [Import]
Hideaki Nakama - Point Of No Return [Import]
12,95€ 8,50€
Cheng Zhen - Highway A20 [Import]
Cheng Zhen - Highway A20 [Import]
12,95€ 8,50€
Lei Chen - Love From Six
Lei Chen - Love From Six
12,95€ 8,50€
WenLin - Unattended Battlefield
WenLin - Unattended Battlefield
12,95€ 8,50€
Wenlin - A Fascinating Journey
Wenlin - A Fascinating Journey
12,95€ 8,50€

Devin Townsend: bloodstock 2010

Devin Townsend has confirmed his only UK performance of 2010. The twisted metal genius will be bringing his impressive catalogue to a live setting at next year’s BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR festival. The man himself checked in with the following message:

“Hey folks, Devin Townsend here. Coming at you after a multi year hiatus of playing live.

I am extremely proud to say that I have the honor of playing the 2010 Bloodstock festival in England this coming summer! It’s been a while since I’ve played any shows so I hope you’ll join me as I finally get the chance to bring this vision to the big stage.

I will be playing selections from Addicted, Deconstruction, Ziltoid, Physicist, Ki, Infinity, Ocean Machine and various other albums from the past 15 years. I’m extremely proud to have the opportunity to finally bring these albums to you, I have been planning this for many years. It will be an experience that I hope we will all remember for years to come.

There’s no time like the present, Lets kick some ass.

Tosin Abasi: LACS now under new management

Matt just bought Tosin Abasi's guitar:

Well after waiting for what seemed like an eternity (in actuality it was only 1 week :lol:) for the guitar to land in my grubby paws, Tosin Abasi's RGA7 LACS is mine! :eek: :hbang: Tosin got back from tour last night and although he seemed tired as heck (apparently spent the entire day/night before travelling home) but seemed in good spirits when Ryan and I met up with him in DC. :wub:

I was going to take pictures but since it was the first time we met him, and additionally since we were standing in downtown DC (if anyone knows the neighborhood near the 930 Club... :ugh:), I honestly didn't want to be standing there with my LACS and his new Axe-Fx Ultra out in open sight for very long! :rofl: I should have made a vid-story of the drive that Ryan and I took to get into DC as neither of us was familiar with the area and were going by BB maps to get there... went all sorts of the wrong way and drove UP through Maryland and then back down into DC... yeah, talk about the wrong way to get somewhere! :lol: We did, however, find "West East Street" which was amusing over the course of our journey for the LACS. :rofl:

I didn't get home until 11 something last night so I crashed but I'll take some new pictures of it once I get home tonight and throw them up, for now these should suffice (guitar is in pretty good shape considering how long he's had it and that he gigged with it, few chips now but those will show up in the new pics): I snagged a Lundgren M7 from a buddy so that's what will be going into the bridge, still deciding on if I want the Blaze Custom in the neck or the Evo 7...?

P.S. Just like Misha and Tosin said, the hole for the piezo install really doesn't look as bad in person!
more photos

Muris Varajic:london gig date

Muris Varajic performs with: Mostar Sevdah Reunion - London 25.10.2009

Sunday, 25 October 2009
Time: 19:00 - 23:00
Location: The Garage
Street: 20-22 Highbury Corner
Town/City: London, United Kingdom

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Email: info@underground-promotions.co.uk

Mostar Sevdah Reunion + Special Guests - Live 25.10.2009 @ The Garage, Islington.

Mostar Sevdah Reunion – short bio

Mostar Sevdah Reunion is a group of artists sharing the same passion to decode and to represent traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although it has evolved over time, Sevdah remains a musical expression full of emotion, calling for old times when people lived easier and loved more. Mostar Sevdah Reunion brings this 400 year old tradition to life. Diversity in musical backgrounds and individual virtuosity in a collective that never performs two identical gigs makes them unique on the World Music scene.

Tatcho Drom – short bio

Tatcho Drom (the true path in Romany Gypsy language), led by Gundula Gruen, is a summary of wisdom of 16 years musical travels through the Eastern parts of Europe; inspired by Gypsy music the repertoire consist of traditional pieces in unique arrangements and compositions - a delight of whimsical musical pleas


Sunday 25 October - Doors: 7:00pm
Tickets: £18.00 + bf


Tickets available online: http://tickets.hmv.com/tickets/slink.buy/e.1GKX/london/the-relentless-garage/mostar-sevdah-reunion.html

Telephone: 0844 847 1678 (open 24hrs)

Tickets can also be purchased in person at the Jazz Café Box Office Monday-Saturday 10:30am-5:30pm or in store at HMV Islington.

Ticket Text Customers

To all Ticket Text ticket holders, due to recent changes with this ticketing service, please be advised to bring ID along with your Ticket Text email or phone confirmation.

Or email us (below details)

20-22 Highbury Corner
beginning of Holloway Road,
opposite Highbury & Islington tube station
N5 1RD

Over 14s only (under 16s with an adult)

Stay tuned with us since we are organising STARS from the EXYU block to perform Live for you here in the UK.

Irhad Rizvo
Head of Marketing - Underground Promtions Ltd.





Expect , Chris Geden to be there as well!

Alex Skolnick: ready steady cook

A couple of Alex Skolnick with a Master Chef feel...

I've been dreaming about going to Nakamoto for about three years now. The obsession began thanks to a Korean Airlines in-flight entertainment system, where peppered among the current Hollywood hits and classic movies, were several short Korean documentaries. One of them, subtitled in English as "Addicted To Hot Food," was hosted by a twenty-something guy who traveled with a small camera crew, visiting several places noteworthy for their spicy cuisine. These hot spots, if you will, included Calabria-the hot pepper capital of Italy, Avery Island in Louisiana-home of the world famous Tobasco Sauce, and a close up look at the fiery delights of where I was headed, South Korea.
read on plum duff

It's been said that your first hit of marijuana can lead to heroin addiction. Like most, I recognize this myth as a silly scare tactic, despite not being a big fan of pot or of potheads. But when it comes to chili pepper, it is true, at least in my case. My first hit turned me into a hot food junky.

I was eight years old and had simply grabbed a 'Spicy' V8 juice out of the fridge by mistake. The molten red liquid stung like a bee, searing my virgin tongue as if it was suddenly placed on a barbecue. Why would anyone willingly inflict this sort of pain on themselves?
more hot sauce

Erik Mongrain: set to perform at Music Live

Erik Mongrain will perform at Music Live. The event, taking place at Birmingham's NEC from 6 to 8 November, features exhibits from many of the world's leading brands including Ibanez, PRS, Aria, Dean, Roland and Rotosound. http://musiclive.co.uk/

Oziel Zinho: expomusic 2009 II

Ozielzinho - expomusic 2009

Ozielzinho Top Gear Expomusic 2009

Alex Lifeson: the return of the working man!


CD Cover

First ‘best of’ live compilation
available on DVD & CD in stores and online
November 17th

Anthem Entertainment has announced the release of "WORKING MEN," the first 'best of' live performance compilation from renowned rock trio Rush. Due in stores and online November 17th, the collection will be released on DVD in partnership with Rounder and on CD via Atlantic Records outside of Canada.

Culled from Anthem Entertainment and Zö Vision's three other Rush DVD releases - Rush in Rio, R30 & Snakes & Arrows Live - "WORKING MEN" features live recordings of the band's greatest hits as well as one previously unreleased track , "One Little Victory" (see attached track listing).

Rush - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart - is without question one of the most inventive and compelling groups in rock history, equally famed for both its virtuoso musicianship and provocative songwriting. Just last year, a career-chronicling Rolling Stone feature praised the band for its continuing artistic vitality, noting that "It's true that Rush doesn't mean today what it did in '76 or even '96. It may mean more." The sentiment was echoed in subsequent pieces published earlier this year in Entertainment Weekly and Spin. Rush's enduring pop culture relevance is perhaps best evidenced by a pair of high profile appearances - a rare national television performance and interview on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" in 2008 (the band's first TV appearance since 1975), and a pivotal role in the storyline of the hit comedy, I Love You, Man. Released this past spring, the band also made a memorable cameo in the film, which starred Paul Rudd and Jason Segal.

Since releasing their self-titled debut album in 1974, Rush has achieved worldwide sales exceeding 35 million units, including such acclaimed works as 1976's "2112," 1981's "MOVING PICTURES," 1996's "TEST FOR ECHO," and 2002's "VAPOR TRAILS." The band's most recent studio collection, 2007's "SNAKES & ARROWS," made a triumphant debut on the Billboard 200 upon its initial release, entering the chart in the #3 spot. The album's success marked Rush's highest chart debut since 1993, as well as the group's eleventh top ten album in the U.S.

For more information, please visit www.rush.com.

"WORKING MEN" Track Listing:

  1. Limelight
  2. The Spirit of Radio
  3. 2112sp;
  4. Freewillsp;
  5. Dreamline
  6. Far Cry
  7. Subdivisions
  8. One Little Victory (previously unreleased)
  9. Closer to the Heart
  10. Tom Sawyer
  11. Working Man
  12. YYZ

Kosta Vreto: greek rebel review

Kosta Vreto - Skin On Strings (Steel Gallery)

Who said that only the outer turns talented virtuoso guitarists; Costas Vretos is one of them! First solo work for the guitarist Horizon's End and, like 80% of solo discs circulating out there, and that is a mix of progressive rock elements with jazz and fusion. But that does not do equal and identical with that move out there. Costas Vretos not put a bet with himself about how quickly can play and how many scales can play while scratching his back. All twelve tracks on the disc moving in a medium tempo and generally mildly. That is not to expect throughout the duration of the pro-space to solo more strange scales, but pretty emotional playing that brings speed only when needed. As each progressive album category, so this is accompanied by the necessary keys per occasion before making an atmosphere behind the piece and sometimes they get first place solarontas. And to break the ice the track''Love For Sale''is the only one with vocals from start to finish. But because we have to change a little the scene amid the disk home and found two very beautiful pieces played only acoustic guitar with one of these is the epilogue of the disc. Very good impression on his first job with very catchy melodies and not fetched things but should the next album might give a little more variety in his compositions. If you are a fan of Kiko Loureiro, Satriani and Steve Vai, then do not hesitate to listen to the album.

8 / 10

Elias Maroglou

News: win £750 PRS guitar

£750 worth of PRS guitars to be won at DV with Simon McBride

PRS Guitars will present Simon McBride live at DV with PRS at DV stores this October, as the renowned guitarist appears in-store to wow fans at DV’s PRS Guitar Centres.

Taking place from the 13th to the 15th of October from 7.30pm onwards, each of these special evening performances will also feature a prize draw in which a lucky attendee will win a £250 voucher that can be spent on any PRS guitar over the next six months at a DV store of their choice. Three vouchers are up for grabs, with a new prize draw taking place each night.

The events are an opportunity to hear Simon McBride demonstrate the skills that have made him one of the most respected guitarists in the UK. A one-time winner of Guitarist Magazine’s Young Guitarist of the Year title, the virtuoso rocker has carved an enviable career in the music industry, including a long stint as the lead guitarist with internationally acclaimed metal band Sweet Savage, and a forthcoming solo album.

As a leading endorsee of both PRS and Hughes & Kettner amplification, Simon will be demonstrating how powerful a combination these two brands can be. Even more impressive will be the appearance of the PRS Paul’s 28, an ultra-special edition instrument hand-built by Paul Reed Smith himself, of which only 28 have been made.

Attendees will also have a once-only opportunity to pick up deals on a wide selection of Hughes & Kettner amps and PRS guitars, many of which will be fresh off the plane from the States, having been hand-selected by DV from the PRS Maryland facility.

Entry to the events is free. Simply pre-register by emailing calebhill@digitalvillage.co.uk, stating your name and which event you wish to attend from the following locations:

Tuesday 13th October at DV Acton at 7.30pm

Wednesday 14th October at DV Cambridge at 7.30pm

Thursday 15th October at DV Romford at 7.30pm

Visit: www.dv247.com